Thoughtless Thursday

'Gloire de Dijon':
Rosa 'Gloire de Dijon'

Rosa 'Gloire de Dijon'

'Ebb Tide'.  It really is that amazing shade of deep purple:
Rosa 'Ebb  Tide'

Natasha with squirrel:


'Laguna', a single bloom on a big, big plant:
Rosa 'Laguna'

'Barcelona'/'Francis Dubreuil':
Rosa 'Barcelona'


  1. Ebb Tide and Barcelona have my vote! And glad to see your white furry friend bouncing around...

  2. I like your Rose Laguna, beautiful bloom. For a minute there, when I read your caption, I thought that Natasha had a real squirrel. My dog's favourite toy is a fox. Fortunately, he's not seen a real one, yet.

  3. Gloire is my favorite rose. Thanks for putting up the photo- I didn't know it would grow here.

  4. So they finally got Squirrel. Now, to get Moose!

  5. @Desert, thanks, two of my favorites as well.

    @Crystal, dog toys are fun, aren't they? Better a toy fox than a real one.

    @Renee, Gloire is a temperamental rose, but not because of our climate. It's temperamental everywhere. And yes, they need Moose, too. :)

    @Amy, 'Ebb Tide' is an amazing color, isn't it?

  6. Love your garden, your pics are awesome!

  7. Your photos have me pining for May and June!! It's always interesting to hear how differently things do in your climate than in mine ... Brugs, here, are toast every year if we don't dig them and bring them in.

    As soon as I saw Natasha with Squirrel, I thought wondered where Boris was with Moose.


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