How Plant Meatballs Happen, Or Reducing Dependency On Foreign Oil!

Rhaphiolepis indica has a fairly nice natural shape which can be further improved by a modest amount (one or two snips) of heading back:
Oddly, you'd never know about the natural shape of the Rhaphiolepis judging by the specimens in this neighborhood.  How does it happen that they are mostly cubes, meatballs, biscuits, or eclairs?
Because too many of them were planted in an area too small for their ultimate natural size.  It's that simple.  Plant annuals or short-lived perennials around the correct number of shrubs determined by their mature size, and save lots and lots and lots of gasoline, because a guy won't be buzzing your shrub with his gasoline-powered shears every few weeks for years and years and years.  You would think we could figure that out.


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