Empty Ground Update

Today at lightning speed (lightning speed for me), I moved five 'Jubilee Celebration' roses to the empty space blogged about in the previous post.  
The roses were in the waist-high raised bed along the driveway, and there with their bare bases almost at eye level, they looked ridiculous.  The height made sniffing the flower fragrance effortless, but they looked dreadful.  Sigh.
Humans manage to ignore something they can't do anything about.  I had no place other for those roses, so they had to stay where they were for a while.  So, I ignored how awful they looked.  Now a new spot for them, and the driveway raised bed can finally get something to make it look good.  Roses don't work there.  At first, I had tall roses.  Didn't work.  Then I had short roses, and they didn't work either.  Okay, I get it.  Finally.  No more roses in that bed. 


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