A Thursday Thought

Spring has returned, and the earth is like a child that knows poems.   --Rilke


Today, I hope you are able to enjoy one of the best places on earth:  your very own garden.

Lavender :'Thumbelina'
Clematis: 'Cezanne'


  1. Glorious flower images, the colours are so beautiful and a lovely quote from Rilke, a favourite poet of mine.

    xoxoxo ♡

  2. hoov:in regards to stump cover up. I have some tin my father-in-law gave me from a shed he had torn down by a tornado. Of course I cut the stump first to about 16" and then put a sheet rock screw in the middle and used it as a center point for a string. Put together the tin pieces side to side with metal screws at a height of 16". I cut a slot in the root flare to make the bottom of the trunk circular. After attaching the pieces of tin together I covered the stump with the tin siding using the string as a compass to make the top round. On the bottom of the stump I used 3" metal self tapping screws through the tin into the stump wood. I leveled the top and positioned the tin in a circle. It's by no means perfect. I filled inside the metal with compost. I'm hoping this will speed up the decomposition.
    thanks for the heads up on the selection of Agaves. I cut the tin with a circular saw with the blade backwards.

  3. How true that is your ar writing. But yours is a good place to be too.
    have a nice evening Hoover.


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