How The New Austin Roses Are Doing

'Snow Goose' has formed buds, but has not yet bloomed.

The first small flower on tiny 'Munstead Wood' was powerfully fragrant.  Great omen!

The first bloom from 'Princess Alexandra Of Kent' wasn't pretty, but the plant is small and young.  The flower had a strong fragrance, so I'm pleased.   I expect the flowers to look better as the plant establishes.
PhotobucketAs I walked around to get photographs of the new roses, I took this next shot.  Orange-red rose 'Geranium Red' is struggling to compete with monster hydrangea 'Ayesha'.  This corner of the garden looks so very green and lush to my eyes increasingly accustomed to a less water-demanding style of plants.  The drainage in this area is slightly poor, making the relatively rich green easier to achieve.
Photobucket That beautiful thug, 'Black And Blue' Salvia is doing its beautiful thuggish thing again: Photobucket
Lushness in this next corner as well.  The scupper at 11 o'clock in the photo directs a lot of rain to the area, making this a relatively damp area. Poor drainage can be used to advantage in a dry climate!
This year has been such a good one for Fuchsias, that I can only assume by next summer they will all be dead from gall mite. 
 I had so many Aeoniums, I stuck them in a row in front of the boxwood hedge, rather than tossing them.  They will soon be too tall, but for now look rather prim.Photobucket The big project of the day was to thin out the 'Better Bell' pepper plants. I planted some of the thinned-outs in front of the new rose hedge, shading them with pieces of wire fencing and some odd strips of pond netting so they could recover from the move.  Six plants ended up exposed to the direct sun of a slightly warm day. Photobucket 
 The plants without the shade protection looked stressed: Photobucket Just a tiny bit of shade enabled the protected plants to remain perky: Photobucket While I was doing all that, the puppies got into major trouble. They ripped all the newly installed rubber gasket off the bottom of the garage door yet again, and have been pooping gasket since. They also managed to chew off one of the wires of the door sensors that I had protected with metal conduit due to the tiny space between the conduit and the sensor box. I had already bought several new sensors, having expected them to do this, so at least we can repair the problem. Ah puppies! And I thought they were getting more grown up... Photobucket Wrong! Photobucket


  1. But they're still damn cute !

  2. A beautiful post Hoover. Love the salvia and wow how tall the hydrangya is. A hug to your puppies.
    Great weekend Hoover.

  3. Gorgeous roses, salvia and fuchsia and those puppies just look so sweet and innocent!
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Your Austin roses look beautiful already! Hope they continue to grow well for you. In my area we struggle with not enough sun for peppers and the like... did not know they could ever have too much!

  5. @ks, their endless advantage.

    @marijke, wags and doggy kisses back from the puppies!

    @dianne, sweet yes, innocent...hmm...

    @spurge, I am surprised as well. The peppers can take some shade and produce a bit better fruits. Heat lovers yes, but the sun, not as much.


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