Lion's Rose

'Lion's Rose' sometimes has a pale apricot tint when first opening:
Rosa 'Lions Rose'
I moved 'Lions Rose' to this new spot back in April:
It has prospered in the new place, where it now receives regular water and considerably more sunlight.  Because of rabbits, I put a fence around it.
Lion's Rose
Four new basal canes!  They will help to fix the lopsided shape of the plant.  It got lopsided due in part to a lot of shade in its old home.
Rosa 'Lions Rose'
These new canes need rabbit protection most of all.  Fat and juicy, new canes are quickly snapped off and gobbled up by the rabbits.
Rosa 'Lions Rose'
'Lion's Rose' flowers are not particularly entrancing, but vigor and disease resistance are superb.  Little to no fragrance, but the white flowers against the dark green foliage make a fine pairing. 
Lion's Rose
In the same area, the new 'Reed' avocado has grown about 2' (61 cm) since it was planted back in mid-April.
baby Avocado tree

At planting.
Unusually, but not unprecedented, we had summer rain a few days ago.  The "monsoonal moisture" Arizona experiences most summers sometimes pushes westward.  Actual rain!  I took a photo of an actual raindrop:
The sky was melancholy and the air thick. 
The big Fuchsia enjoy the moisture:
I think the humidity made Boris' ears grow:
Not Natasha's though.


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