Agave Bloom Update (Dr. Seuss Version)

Is it the heat making the bulbils fall?
Many have fallen, but not nearly all.
One plant is tilting...
Because Mama plant is wilting.


It's not very neat.  I used a piece of nylon rope to pull it out of the street.
A man in a long black car saw my rope-pulling feat.  

He stopped to applaud all the bulbils in a pile, so I gave him several, and received a big smile.  
Do I deserve a hand?  Maybe.   I may have created a brand new Agave fan.  


  1. Nice job on the rhyme -- I'm glad you took the time!

    I don't suppose that's a cold-hardy agave, is it? I've never seen so many bulbils!

    1. Unfortunately not particularly cold hardy. 20F maybe?

  2. The man might know Pam and Lori...if so, he'll be back.

    I need to learn which agaves produce bulbils. I don't think any of the species we have in NM do, but hopefully I'm wrong. Another nice view of your front area...that's steep!

  3. Desert, I wanted a reference list of bulbil-producers myself, so I did a cursory search and made a list. See the next blog post, and if you know of any others, I can add them to the list.


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