Aloe pseudorubroviolacaea

Then (2010)...
Worrisome black areas on stem
I had difficulty getting Aloe pseudorubroviolacaea going.  The first set of roots it arrived with were rotted.  I cut the old roots off and a couple of inches of soft blackened stem and managed to re-root it.  Now nearly three years after I bought it, this Aloe is looking well and happy, with delicate pink tints on aqua foliage.  
Aloe pseudorubroviolacaea
It appeared to enjoy the past six weeks of summer heat, which seems apt since this species is from the cliffs of Hijaz on the Arabian peninsula.  No sunburn at all despite no water.  
Aloe pseudorubroviolacaea
Meaty, very clean-looking foliage.
Aloe pseudorubroviolacaea
A bit more information on this recently documented species at the San Marcos website here.


  1. A lovely plant. I'd like that one for my succulent collection.

  2. Congrats on getting a chunk of a cool new plant and nursing it into a great plant. Your photos do a way better job of selling the species than does the San Marcos site. Love it!

    1. Thanks all! I'm happy it's happy. I did not do a wider shot because there was a little puppy damage. Not a lot, just a couple of tips missing. Puppies.


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