Nothing Like Plants

They sure hacked these pines...
...though I know having seen this hack every year, these pines grow to look good again in a few months. 
I looked carefully, and they're cutting them in the same spot every year.  Is that technique coppicing or pollarding?  I could not remember. We were at a seminar on basic garden design at Roger's, but seated way, way in the back, couldn't hear more than about 25% of what the speaker was saying, couldn't see her at all, and so I took pictures of the pine trees above, enjoyed the blueness of the sky, was deeply grateful for the shade of a Pittosporum tenuifolium 'Silver Sheen' (that tree had not been hacked), and serenely admired the glow of a nearby mass of potted Aeoniums...
...and didn't much care if I heard the speaker or not.  I did catch the bit about pinching the new growth of Camellias after the first 3 sets of leaves to produce, after several years, a really shrubby and beautiful plant, but what does that have to do with basic garden design?  No matter.  Nothing better than sitting in the shade looking at plants for putting a person in a good mood.  


  1. Also great to have a reason to sit and enjoy the plants. I never seem to sit and look around unless I have company.

    1. We gardeners all need to do more sitting and looking at our gardens. We've earned it.


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