Two Boyfriends? Easy Does It!

Out early trying unsuccessfully to capture the morning fog, I saw more than one Mantis on the same rose.  
The object of their affections:
By their far slimmer shape, I am assuming two potential boyfriends, one brown...
Photobucket green...
...both understandably wary.  Courtship is often fatal for the male Mantis.  Note wary green boyfriend at extreme right:
I left them to their fates, noting only that the name of the rose is, appropriately,  'Easy Does It'


  1. Never saw them before. Great captured Hoover.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Great observation! I once saw a similar situation, but one that was a bit more advanced than yours: all three were shall we say "joined".

    I believe the female-eats-male-afterwards scenario has been shown to be quite uncommon. Only when food is not readily available will the male become some. At least I think that's the latest I heard (sometime in the last few years).

  3. I have read that they have sensors in their hind legs that allow them to function without a head. Presumably not for long as they still have to eat :)

    1. Double oh dear, very, very glad I left early...


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