About Those Problems...




So, the new version of Photobucket apparently provides much larger photos and more resolution than the old version.  Switching back to the old version and uploading the same photos gives the above.  The new Photobucket gives the larger more beautiful (?) photos in the previous post.  I thought it was something like that, but I haven't had time to investigate.  I've been taking  the puppies to the dog park to blow off some of their sullen teen-aged energy, and guys were here repairing drywall and installing new baseboards, and I've been painting the drywall repairs and baseboard repairs, which involves going to the paint store and Home Cheapo several times.  And back to the Dentist.  :(   Must get back to the place of sanity and peace, which is the garden, the garden, the garden. 




  1. I like that Yucca (Bright Edge?) surrounded by the chalk sticks. Especially after the dentist, go to your happy place!

    And just so you know from a reader's perspective, lovely as the larger images are, they run under your sidebar info, rendering it unreadable (although it's rather sweet to see the tiny Hoover image sitting in the middle of the Senecio.)

    1. 'Bright Star'. Yes I also liked dear Cuddles looking out from the Senecio. The sidebar in blogger takes up too much space! Grrr...

  2. Your photo's are absolutly great Hoover.


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