Agave stricta

No marginal teeth on the slender leaves, but Agave stricta doesn't need them--that terminal spine is plenty wicked.  Agave stricta is the rare Agave that reblooms--sort of.  The apical bud will bloom, but axillary buds will grow and create new rosettes branching off the original.  Eventually the plant will look like a pile of spiky globes. 
Very similar is Agave striata.  Stricta has leaves with a tendency to arch or curl a bit.  Well, sometimes.  Striata has straight leaves.  Well...sometimes.  The surest way to identification is via the flowers.  Striata is one plant I keep my distance from.  Those spines are not particularly large or nasty looking, but they are as sharp as razors.  Stay away!  I don't usually pay a lot of attention to this Agave, but newly emerging foliage yesterday morning had a pale appearance that contrasted with the older foliage.  It photographed well, I thought. 


  1. I wish these were cold-hardy, as they're so beautiful! I just love the form. Nice photos indeed.


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