A Few More From The Huntington

Tag on the Agave said applanata, not sure about that... 

Coreposis gigantea is a bit of a curiosity, looking like a mostly dead stem in summer dormancy and in February like a mostly dead stem topped with this:
It doesn't do a thing for me.  Fairly standard Coreopsis type flowers:
I prefer the graceful long (6'+, 2 M) blue foliage on this 12'+, 4 M Yucca sorry-forgot-the-species:
Nice flowers on this cacti, Borzicactus samaiplantus:
And nifty trunk on this tree:
Still lots to do in the garden--two more roses to move, a few perennials, lots of weeds to yank, and it's going to hit 80F (26C) this week.  Best get to it. 


  1. The coreopsis flowers are pretty but the plant itself is not that attractive, I think it needs a good pruning. I love the clean lines of the yucca, that tree trunk is interesting with its 'bulge'. Lovely photos as always dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Very nice, drooling in fact...including your forecast for temps in the 80's!

    Photo #1 - Agave havardiana? #4 - the yucca looks like a nice Nolina nelsonii. #6 - that tree is unusual, though it looks a bit baobob (sp?) and a little palo verde- I wonder what it is?

    As luck would have it, a friend invited me out to Calabasas soon. I think the Huntington and Getty are in the "must see" category, as I've only been to the 1st in '89! I may e-mail you for any garden hot-spots I should see, including up there.

    1. I took a photo of the Agave tag but no it wasn't havardiana, I'll have to look back in my photos. One I don't have.

      Calabasas is not that far from Santa Barbara, so Lotusland is a must and you must reserve ahead, so do it now. There's also a garden center right on the way (literally 30 seconds off the freeway) called Seaside Gardens, wonderful demonstration gardens, lots of Australian plants. http://www.seaside-gardens.com/

      Huntington and Getty, yes!


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