A Burle-Marx Inspired Garden

My great good luck to get the opportunity to visit this gorgeous garden.  I hope you enjoy the tour.
 photo ko2587_zps00d34b01.jpg
The owner-gardener-designer is a retired landscape architect and is now an artist.
 photo ko2588_zps29a7d7a2.jpg
The work of Roberto Burle-Marx has been an inspiration for her.
 photo ko2590_zps4f51c005.jpg
My photographs are poor because I was so busy gawking at all the beauty.
 photo ko2592_zpsc7322a56.jpg
Molly the Poodle led the way.
 photo ko2594_zpsd815c801.jpg
Lushness in dappled shade
 photo ko2596_zps4f0ff6b1.jpg
The property is steeply sloped.  The owner built terraces from recycled chunks of concrete.
 photo ko2599_zpsb4df9a3c.jpg
Paths and stairways wander everywhere.
 photo ko2602_zpse7f6509e.jpg

 photo ko2589_zps27466859.jpg

 photo ko2619_zps5c454fe4.jpg
A towering Melianthus major in bloom.
 photo ko2621_zps5372610a.jpg

 photo k02622_zps1ec15545.jpg
Tree-sized Euphorbias.
 photo ko2628_zpse0c084b2.jpg
See how tall that Melianthus is?
 photo ko2630_zps21fff550.jpg
Towering trees--Pines Palms, the Eucalyptus of surrounding properties, and this Aloe:
 photo ko2605_zps60c4c68e.jpg

 photo ko2606_zps323672f3.jpg
Many different Agaves.
 photo ko2608_zps3b4036cb.jpg
Some California native plants.
 photo ko2610_zpsd69d804f.jpg
Wonderful views along the stairways and pathways.  The home itself is very small--the garden is all.  The way it should be!
 photo ko2614_zps184e2333.jpg
The garden was begun by the previous owner, and the current owner expanded it and made it even more beautiful.  We actually looked at this property when it was for sale in 1998.  Love at first sight for me, but the time wasn't right, and I am so happy the current owners purchased it.  I could never have done one tenth as well.  
 photo ko2615_zps03dc2cce.jpg

 photo ko2617_zps0bcd25dd.jpg
Echium waking up.
 photo ko2633_zpsb191ccd9.jpg
Even a fasciated Euphorbia along the way.
 photo ko2636_zps9d8c978f.jpg

 photo ko2637_zpsda32cbbf.jpg
Subtle colors...
 photo ko2648_zps97259788.jpg
An exotic atmosphere...
 photo ko2652_zps4471b777.jpg
...and a pool to swoon over.
 photo ko2657_zps67bdc380.jpg

 photo ko2660_zps8c7d99c9.jpg
You swooning yet?
 photo ko2663_zps8f6b7792.jpg
Now, maybe?  Yeah!
 photo ko2664_zpsd6225e04.jpg
Drooling?   Dreaming?  Sighing?
 photo ko2666_zps011a391c.jpg

 photo ko2671_zps5ee71881.jpg
You're welcome!  :) 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these images, such a beautiful garden, breathtaking with all of those shades of green, exotic plants, foliage and colourful flowers...I would love to lose myself there.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Happy you could see it, if only through not-great photos. It's wonderful!

  2. Another amazing garden. do you have any idea what the tree like euphoria is, I now need one for my garden!

    1. I think it might have been just common old E. characias wulfenii, grown to huge proportions.

  3. Wow, Hoover Boo, that is truly a beautiful garden! The plantings are fascinating, the terracing is exquisitely done, so much attention to detail, captivating art scattered around the yard, and the pool area is to die for. The whole garden gives me the feeling that it is the life's work of one passionate gardener. Just wonderful! Thanks very much for the tour, very inspiring! Out in the garden now to work on my little patch of Eden :-)!

    1. Happy you enjoyed it! Have fun in the garden--it's another beautiful day...

  4. I'm IMPRESSED !!!!

  5. Nice to see inspired landscape architects' works! The retaining using "urbanite", especially with gravel in the joints, is nicely done, that it looks like limestone ledges.

    1. "Urbantine": thanks, I was trying to remember that term! The owner chose urbanite with lots of gravel in it, looked quite good.

  6. Lush and lovely! What a beautifully personal garden - I feel almost as if I can imagine the artist-gardener at work.

    1. And work work work she did and does. Not only artistic, but also an amazing work ethic.

  7. SO SO pretty and inspiring! thank you!

  8. Yes, this mix of plants is definitely where I'm headed too. That's amazing that you almost bought this property. Wonderful tour, Hoov!

    1. All that was missing was a couple of those wonderful blue palms...

  9. What a great garden you visited. You showed really wonderful photos. Also a surprise that the owner was inspirated by Burle-Marx, I just read an article about this architect. I am for the first time on your blog an I like to see the differences of gardens on the other end of the world. I have a garden in The Netherlands, Europe and I shall be a new follower of you.

    1. Hi Janneke, I've been reading about Burle-Marx also, what a creative mind he had, also scientific. A wonderful mix of talents.

      Happy you enjoyed the photos. I like to see gardens at the other end of the world too!

  10. what a feast for the eyes ..very interesting

  11. Such a beautiful garden! The photos were really fun to look through!


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