A Mature Metrosideros 'Springfire'

 photo 1b472b93-0f2b-41da-afdf-0c153e302e0a_zps14ab4fd9.jpg
In this area a red "X" spray painted on a tree means it's condemned to die.  Looking at the broken and buckled sidewalk and curb around this Eucalyptus, I see why.  

We have a serious knowledge gap when it comes to trees.  Why not plant something that won't buckle sidewalks so it won't need cutting down as it reaches maturity?
 photo brownblue2279_zps3c0de093.jpg 
And that Araucaria heterophylla (above) is getting scary big, though it is still fairly juvenile.  The mature height is 200 feet (65 meters).  Yikes. 

On this piece of Eden I have stuck to small trees, or no trees at all.
No trees to scare me:
 photo agave2298_zps18cbd69f.jpg
   I have recently planted a couple of young Metrosideros  'Springfire' that might get 20 feet tall (6 meters), eventually.  Last week I finally spotted a mature specimen in the neighborhood.  The first one I've seen.  It looked great!  Just what I want, not too big, maybe 12' tall (3.6 M) with dense, dense foliage. 
 photo SpringFire2256_zps9c665b87.jpg
The flowers are more red than the pure orange flowers on mine.  
 photo SpringFire2258_zpsd0f1fdfb.jpg
The mature specimen was crammed right next to a palm tree, but looked healthy.  I'm drifting towards getting rid of the rest of the Dodoneas on the east slope and replacing them with several 'Springfire'.   No 200 foot tall trees for me. 


  1. I've been having the same thoughts when biking around town. So many misplaced trees, heaved up sidewalks, dank, dark shade in small yards that are no longer fit for people. Maybe people need to obtain licenses to plant trees. Trees don't suffer fools, that's for sure. I've learned my lesson too and have no plans for more trees in this tiny garden. But there should definitely be more trees planted throughout our cities!

    1. Yes, I wrote all that and then there's a baby Oak taking off in my front yard along with Aloe 'Hercules' and I'm wondering: do I leave them? Is the Oak too close to the street? The water main? Is the Aloe going to fall down the slope in 20 years and smash a car? I woke up in the night a few days ago, terrified at the thought of trees.

      But yes we do need more trees, and not just in cities. :)


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