Composting Update/A Winter's Day

Back in August 2010 I started composting in plastic trash barrels because other methods left the material too dry to decompose rapidly.  In the past few weeks I started harvesting the compost.  (I'm not in a hurry where compost is concerned.)  Super-dooper results!
 Super dooper!

 Cool! The next experiment is to give young and under performing roses a good dose of this wonder-stuff and see if it gives them a boost.  Roses, what do you think?  

It was close to 90F (32 C) yesterday and intensely sunny besides.
Some blue eyed Osteospermum were spared the stress of direct sun:
 photo aa2119_zps70b37e64.jpg
But poppies seemed to be on fire:
 photo aa2082_zps3bc468fb.jpg
The neighbor's sprinklers weren't doing their plants much good, but the backlit spray looked amazing.  A hot dry wind was blowing much of the water away and evaporating the rest.  
 photo aa2105_zps5b468e2f.jpg
Too hot and windy to garden.  Best to enjoy a few sights and then scurry indoors out of the wind.
 photo aa2090_zpsc75b37f4.jpg
The first Aloe marlothii flowers finally opened.  The deep burgundy filaments are quite dramatic!
 photo aa2084_zps2a45585e.jpg

 photo aa2083_zpsb6d57506.jpg

Aloe capitata and Aloe vanbalenii are long finished.  They produced their first seeds, but with so many different Aloes in bloom near by, the probability that these seeds are hybrids are about...oh...100%.  Capitata's seed pods were a beautiful bronze...
 photo aa2109_zpsca45f95a.jpg
 Vanbalenii's the more typical green:
 photo aa2106_zps5a655d5d.jpg  

The big Dasylirion has no problem with hot wind:
 photo aa2088_zpsf21269fc.jpg
Natasha showed she will get through life on looks alone:
 photo aa2115_zps37692720.jpg
 After that it was a retreat indoors to wait out the wind and heat.  Boris relaxed with an antler.   
 photo aa2136_zps9ab589f7.jpg
Another winter's day in California. 


  1. It's been months since I heard anyone say that it was too hot to garden. I look forward to saying it myself.


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