Monday Random Eye Candy

Random eye candy of the vegetative sort.  

Agave leopoldii x 'Hammer Time':
 photo 00x02174_zps673c5619.jpg

Possibly Agave guadalajarana (winner of most "a"s in species name award)
 photo 00x2146_zps4f9b1ea8.jpg

Ornamental Cherry blossoms:
 photo 00x2179_zps4801a9fa.jpg

 photo 00x2177_zps2caf6935.jpg

 photo 00x2183_zpsf3b355f9.jpg

There.  Now Monday isn't quite so bad.  



  1. I just bought a Hammer Time the other day, so glad I did!

  2. Yes, these beautiful flowers and plants would soften the arrival of Monday.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Lovely eye candy to start the week. Thanks for making Monday a litle more bearable!

  4. It's like summer right here on your blog! Thank you...


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