More Random Plant Photos

I don't know what this is, but all the flower stems were crooked at precisely the same angle.  It looked like everyone in a crowd playing with their iPhone.
 photo 00x2172_zpsefc75f90.jpg 

A Ceanothus with a Grevillea that was either chlorotic or chartreuse:
 photo 00x2152_zpsd1ea9b96.jpg
Banksia done blooming.  The old flower is like one of those loofa things, or like a cactus:
 photo 00x2157_zpsfb402a43.jpg
 Aloe cameronii, variegated, with the beginnings of a flower stem: 
 photo 00x2175_zpsfb020e96.jpg

A non-chartreuse Grevillea in full bloom:
 photo 00x2166_zps3ee6813d.jpg

Nice arrangement on a berm with Parkinsonia 'Desert Museum' (?) and some kind of beat-up Aloes.  
 photo 00x2150_zps3b093e53.jpg
I posted some random plant photos because you don't want to see what I'm doing in the garden, which is pulling buckets and buckets of weeds.  You don't want to see weeds, do you?  


  1. Wonderful photos dear Hoover, photo #1 is especially lovely ... no weeds thank you, I have enough of my own.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne! You're sure about the weeds? ;)

  2. I don't mind seeing weeds. I think people who only show their gardens when at their best are cheating. ;-)

    Also: that's why I don't really like the "golden" cultivars of many different foliage plants -- they just look sickly to me.

    1. The "golden" cultivars seem to work here in our bright, bright light. Location seems to make a difference. Or so I tell myself!

  3. These are certainly some beautiful specimen plants. It's wonderful to see such great things when our garden is buried under so much snow. I find myself actually ready to start weeding at any time. I do suspect it will be five or six weeks before that happens however. I enjoyed my visit... Larry

    1. Thanks for visiting, Larry. The snow will be gone soon enough, and then it will be time to get to work!

  4. Much better than weeds, and I think you've just helped me realize why I love old banksia blooms so much! Indeed they look like tree born cactus.

    1. They sure do, only not quite so dangerous...


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