Nasty Sap = Clean Pruners?

 photo eu00_zps3e1f9426.jpg
That blue pot cried out for a piece of Euphorbia 'Sticks On Fire', so I got some clippers and cut some pieces off the plants out front.  'Sticks On Fire' produces a caustic white sap when cut, so I was careful to wear gloves, eye protection, and so forth.  The clippers got covered with white sap.  When I rinsed them off I was surprised at how clean the blades had become.  The dried on plant goo that builds up on clipper blades had dissolved. 
 photo eu4_zpsf499775c.jpg
I applied some more sap to the blades of the clipper and waited a few minutes...
 photo eu2_zps83554385.jpg
rinsed off the blades and found...
 photo eu5_zps42990d36.jpg
All clean!  I'd inadvertently discovered a very easy way to clean the blades on my secateurs.  Hah! 


  1. That goes to show how caustic that sap really is. The fiery colours of the euphorbia look great in that blue pot.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Yes, caustic indeed. After I saw what it could do I was extra extra careful!

  2. Love this! Maybe that's why my tools sometimes appear to magically clean themselves.

    1. Unless the fairy at the bottom of the garden is scrubbing them up in secret?

  3. Wow. Who knew? Too bad you can't patent your discovery.

  4. Cool! I wish I had enough Sticks on Fire to divide...


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