New Plant: Leucadendron linifolium

 photo a19d49f3-c6e3-4c9d-8099-bf39c2c789b4_zps5f580273.jpg
An impulse buy last week.  So far I am 0 for 1 on Leucadendrons.  My 'Jester' died a few weeks after I got it, before I even got it planted.  Grrrrr!  This vastly less flashy species went right into the ground near Calothamnus villosus, which it resembles enough to make my one-of purchase not so bad.  

A very informative article on L. linifolium here.


  1. Love it! Oh how I wish Leucadendron were growable here.

  2. I've got no problem with one-off plantings, especially until the plant proves itself in your garden. This is how I chose almost every plant I grow. (I'd love to be able to grow that one!)

  3. This species is one I never fully embraced my time in San Diego - now I get the merits! Xeric and thrifty, yet lush and green.

  4. It is very pretty when it flowers, worth planting, so I hope it does well for you.

    xoxoxo ♡


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