Puppies At The Dog Park

There's usually a greeting comittee
 photo dogpark2429_zps0e66ae3b.jpg
In they go
 photo dogpark2430_zpsce4898a6.jpg
The ritual circle-and-sniff
 photo dogpark2431_zps6e20be63.jpg
Sashi the white Akita is one of their favorite friends
 photo dogpark2433_zps414c1b17.jpg

 photo dogpark2434_zpsb02e27ad.jpg

Boris plays with Sashi
 photo dogpark2438_zpsfa44357b.jpg
Natasha plays with Sashi
 photo dogpark2441_zpsaa2168b3.jpg

 photo doggpark2443_zps80474a5f.jpg
While the dogs play, people stand around and play with their smart phones.  This has nothing to do with plants or gardening.  There is a lawn at the dog park, a severely challenged lawn, but you don't want to see pictures of that.


  1. So the dogs socialize but the people don't? Doesn't sound like that much fun. Surely there must be another gardener in the bunch?

  2. Lovely to see the puppies gamboling.
    Here it seems the thing to do with dog parks is to dump a lot of sand over them. Between winter/spring rains and dog paws, grass evidently doesn't stand a chance.

  3. It looks like a good, safe place for the puppies to socialise with their doggy friends.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Looks fun, especially to hang out with other furry friends. Looks like your parks dept. only needs some Hoover suggestions / consulting as to what perimeter area could use some bougainvillea, roses, or some shade to compliment the tree line I see in back.

  5. Silly Alan, this is a dog park. If one wants to socialize with other people, (s)he goes to a people park! Looks like the kids had fun!

  6. We are suffering dog park withdrawal here. Our new dog will not be spayed until next week and we don't want to cause a stir, or leave with puppies.


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