Rosa 'Twilight Zone'

My only new rose for this year (so far) is 'Twilight Zone'.   The purple of both 'Twilight Zone and it's seed parent 'Ebb Tide'  is the same, but 'Twilight Zone', even as a young plant, appears to have a more stable purple less apt to fade to magenta.  Bud:
 photo tz2416_zps8b5f54a0.jpg
 photo a12400_zps18590900.jpg
The flower of  'Twilight Zone' is larger than that of 'Ebb Tide'.  Open:

The next day...
 photo tlz2454_zps40f307c5.jpg 
Growth habit seems spreading, unlike the vertical growth of 'Ebb Tide'. 
 photo tz2411_zps35e214cb.jpg
Looking downwards:
 photo tlz2452_zps794f1ef9.jpg
Far too early to say if it is a good rose or not, but based on the first flower, I'm optimistic.  Have I finally found a satisfying purple rose?  'Intrigue' was gorgeous, but had no vigor.  Same with the amazing 'Purple Tiger'.  'Ebb Tide' is not much better.  'Old Port' has a bit of vigor, but isn't so purple. 

Then I look at blue-purple, and think rose hybridizers still have a journey ahead of themselves.
 photo tz2426_zpsbd291ed5.jpg

 photo daisy1978_zpsb5a55f7f.jpg Did you know purple is a neutral in the sense that it goes with everything?   So is green, for that matter.  Is there a plant with foliage that clashes with its flowers?  One thinks of neutral colors as grey, beige...but purple and green are, too. 


  1. Rose blooms already? You do live in Eden!

    1. No complaints! :) Except we need rain. :(

  2. What a lovely colour for a rose !!!!

  3. What a briliant colour this roses show Hoover. I wish my roses were giving flowers already but I have to wait untill the begin of June. I keep my fingers crossed that my roses did survive the long and cold winter overhere.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. June is a long time to wait! I hope your roses come back strong and happy.

  4. I'll be interested to see where you end up in your comparison of 'Ebb Tide' and 'Twilight Zone' and hope you'll update on this topic later in the season. I put in 1 'Ebb Tide' this year as a trial and wondered at the time if I should have gone with 'Twilight Zone' instead.

    1. I do get beautiful flowers from 'Ebb Tide', but it seems to need a little TLC. The foliage is widely spaced and the canes can sunburn because of that. Some die-back as well. But for all that, it is still a big improvement over 'Intrigue'. I will update on TZ as it develops.

  5. STUNNING photos. In our garden 'Tuscany Superb' and 'Rose de Rescht' are a couple of purply favorites but I might need to give this one a try! :)


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