That Turned Out Pretty Good

This photo turned out pretty good.  Rosa 'Black Bacarra':
Rosa 'Black Bacarra' photo cones2536_zps7f3e2904.jpg

Then there are the Ranunculus.  I bought two packages of 18 corms each and ended up with about two dozen plants.  They are red, white, and yellow.  Whoever packaged them thought about the color scheme, thank goodness--I never do.  Red:
Ranunculus photo mon2465_zpsc609b7de.jpg
Ranunculus photo mon2463_zpsed159927.jpg

Ranunculus photo cones2530_zps60cfed80.jpg
Ranunculus photo mon2462_zpseac50274.jpg
Speaking of white...
Buddies photo ring2541_zps8ef99fa9.jpg

Buddies photo ring2542_zps1a1ee987.jpg
It was a heck of a thing raising those two puppies, but I'm so glad they are together for life, because they are never lonely.  How many of us are so fortunate?


  1. I love the deep wine colour of the rose, it is magnificent, hopefully it has a perfume to match.
    I think ranunculus are one of the prettiest flowers, they look beautiful no matter what the colour.
    Lovely photos of Boris and Natasha, it is good that they have each other.

    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Not one bit of perfume, unfortunately. It's always something...

  2. Beautiful pictures but those furry white flowers of yours are always my favorites! I don't care what Moose and Squirrel say!

    1. Moose and Squirrel don't no nothin'. :)

  3. It seems from the pictures that these puppies are still capable of causing a lot of mischief :). They are very cute too.

    1. Yep, as a matter of fact it's time to get the kitchen baseboard replaced again.

  4. Gorgeous flowers, especially the deep red "Baccara' and I always look forward to seeing your puppy photos! They have to be the happiest dogs around!

    1. Yes they are the happiest. That turned out pretty good, too.


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