This And That Here And Where

Aloe imalotensis var. longeracemosa  Aloe deltoideodonta 'variegata'   Aloe deltoideodonta 'Sparkler'  (this time I'm sure)
 photo alo2714_zps0ad81e5e.jpg
Planting this and that small plant, here and there, plus new mulch.  The "t" crossing and "i" dotting of spring.

The Manfreda flower is 5' tall (1.5 m).
 photo nu2710_zps212bc354.jpg 
The plant wants it noticed!
 photo nu2707_zps4df31051.jpg
'Blue Glow' is as tall as it is going to get.  The flowers are starting to swell and will soon open.
 photo nu2704_zps26d089ed.jpg
Iceplant flowers decorate Agave augustifolia
 photo nu2702_zps4da61f7c.jpg
About every third rose has one or two flowers open.  'Altissimo':
 photo nu2697_zps5eeed94a.jpg
I've tried to limit my plant-buying to plants for empty spots.  Some success.  A 'Wendys Wish' Salvia went into an empty spot.
 photo nu2695_zps7738737a.jpg
As did a 'Hot Lips' Salvia.  (The purple flower is the Salvia behind, 'East Friesland'.)
 photo nu2690_zpsa4d017fd.jpg
And a little Fuchsia:
 photo nu2689_zps96525310.jpg
All the half-price Dahlias from Home Cheapo are up and growing.
 photo nu2687_zps78cb50f8.jpg
Ditto for all the cheap lillies:
 photo nu2686_zpsb6003acc.jpg
I put a new rose where Cuddles always used to nap.  I removed all the grass--it was wrecked.  The spot looked so empty without Cuddles sleeping there, or raising her little nose to drink in the breeze. 
 photo nu2677_zps4e702bcc.jpg
I did get this Aloe imalotensis var. longeracemosa  Aloe deltoideodonta 'variegata' without a specific spot in mind, but as soon as I figure out what species it is,  I'll have an idea of where to plant it.  Lots of room for Aloes still. 
 photo alo2717_zps996e6efc.jpg
I'm gardening so much, hardly time left for garden blogging--which is probably for the best.  This and that, here and where.  What are you up to out there? 


  1. That 'Blue Glow' flower spike is amazing!

    What is this "limiting plant buying to the space you have" concept? It is foreign to me. :)

    Oh I wish I could be out gardening already. Soon I hope.

    1. It's all too foreign to me as well! Still too cold to garden where you are? Soon, soon...

  2. Gosh those flower spikes are tall, they will look beautiful when the buds open. The iceplant makes such a beautiful yellow display, the rose is lovely and that lily looks very healthy, I love green architectural plants.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I love architectural plants also. They are fascinating to look at, aren't they?

  3. Have I mentioned again in the last five minutes how jealous of your fabulous hardiness zone and amazing garden I am? Amazng as always! Love the 'Blue Glow' flower spike! I've got one in a pot that participates in the semi-annual migration (in the dry glass room that's kept above freezing in the winter and back outside in the summer.) Limiting your plant buying cannot be healty! Besides, you need more plants for your balcony, right?

    1. Oh dear, that balcony...still a is on the to-do list... Sounds like you take special care of your 'Blue Glow'--easy to do when it is so beautiful, yes? :)

  4. They sure are dear Hoover, the shapes, the shades of green and other tones, the textures and many with variegated leaves, something else I find very appealing.

    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thanks, Dianne. I do like variegation!


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