Various Roses

The rose juggernaut begins to roll.  'English Garden':
Rosa 'English Garden' photo rose2749_zps61d0d336.jpg
'The Ambridge Rose':
Rosa 'The Ambridge Rose' photo rose2753_zps7503bf2c.jpg
Rosa 'Jadis' photo rose2766_zps16d62c8c.jpg
Oops!  Geranium madeirense slips in:
Geranium madeirense photo rose2769_zpsd377545c.jpg
'Secret' in harsh bright light:
Rosa 'Secret' photo rose2772_zps76cf04bb.jpg
'Secret' in less harsh light:
Rosa 'Secret' photo rose2776_zpse18b22fc.jpg
Oops, Aeonium tabuliforme slips in too.  It is a rosette of sorts, if not a rose.  The special thing about this plant is that I grew it from seed!  One of my greatest horticultural achievements.  
Aeonium tabuliforme photo rose2784_zpsce18469d.jpg
Rosa 'Gemini' photo rose2789_zps313c8f56.jpg
A Clematis gets into the rose post too...'Jackmanii' is way early this year.
Clematis 'Jackmanii' photo rose2823_zpsde065d28.jpg
'Pink Gruss an Aachen'
Rosa 'Pink Gruss an Aachen' photo rose2832_zpsb8922820.jpg

Did you miss the roses after all those Aloe posts?  They are not fashionable lately, more architectural plants like Agaves being the trendy things, small rose vendors closing down--but I will always love roses.  They are architectural in their own way, after all.
Rosa 'English Garrden photo rose2827_zpsc0bc19a3.jpg


  1. That last rose is my kind of lovely. But I'd take the Aeonium tabuliforme in a heartbeat, too. I'm so impressed that you grew it from seed. In fact, what does an Aeonium seed even look like??!!

  2. Gorgeous roses and clematis dear Hoover, I think roses will always have a place in the garden, for their colour, soft petals and amazing fragrances.
    What and achievement to grow the Aeonium from seed, I don't always have success with plant 'cuttings'. :(
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. You can always count on fashion to change so it makes sense to me to grow what you love. Your roses are universally spectacular.


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