A Garden Lush With Green--And Tree Ferns

 photo gard03234_zpsa7e8d087.jpg
Yesterday I had the good luck to visit another beautiful neighborhood garden.   It's a traditional garden of lawns, mature shrubs, roses and other flowers--and some beautiful large tree ferns.  Sorry, not sure of the genus--I'm not a fern person--Cyathea?  Dicksonia?
 photo gard3235_zps71a8ebdf.jpg
It seems to me I used to see a lot more tree ferns in gardens--certainly more in areas nearer to the coast.  Seven miles inland it's already nearly too dry for them.  I enjoyed seeing them and they looked healthy.  There was other beauty on display:
 photo gard3238_zpsb33215f7.jpg
White and white, cool and fresh:
 photo gard3239_zps8e56b474.jpg
Paths to follow...
 photo gard3242_zpsadda24ad.jpg
Places to lounge...
 photo gard3249_zps67a55a91.jpg

 photo gard3232_zps294f5aba.jpg

 photo gard3250_zps9df20dee.jpg

 photo gard3251_zps9825a839.jpg

 photo gard3255_zpsff978ce4.jpg

 photo gard3258_zps4a5b3ffd.jpg
Whimsy and order.
 photo gard3254_zps4eff7630.jpg

And tree ferns.
 photo gard3261_zps41a82af3.jpg

 photo gard3262_zps65b36c14.jpg
This well behaved(!), compact(!), variegated(!) Alstroemeria was eye-catching:
 photo gard3264_zpseeac92f8.jpg

 photo gard3265_zps8430217d.jpg
But oh!  Such grand, luxuriant ferns!
 photo gard3268_zpsff706009.jpg

 photo gard3270_zpsb3096ff8.jpg


  1. Such a lovely garden, I like the different ferns.

    1. It was a beautiful place to visit. The ferns were amazing.

  2. What a nice garden. The tree ferns are spectacular! I noticed the lovely Japanese maples too - Is there ANYTHING that you can't grow in your climate? Gorgeous!

    1. Hostaa, dwarf conifers, herbacious peonies, hybrid tulips as perennials, for starters.

  3. Never even heard of tree ferns before. They look like something out of the age of dinosaurs. This is a lovely garden, I especially love the red roses on the pergola.

    1. I think they are out of the Dinosaur age! Yes that red rose is lovely. It's 'Altissimo'.


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