Climbing Roses In Full Bloom

'Purple Splash'
 photo climb3950_zps10682850.jpg
'Secret Garden Musk Climber'
 photo climb3951_zps8b298096.jpg
Not climbing, but looking nice, is 'Disneyland':
 photo climb3955_zps83b54d76.jpg
'Laguna' on the right, 'Lunar Mist' on the left:
 photo climb3959_zps39e01872.jpg
A gazillion flowers on 'Laguna', and I end up with a chewed one.
 photo climb3996_zps799e6660.jpg
'Sombreuil' with Clematis 'Etoile Violette' as its heart of darkness:
 photo climb3961_zpsa6c7130a.jpg
 Walk and gawk:
 photo climb3964_zps5fc3879a.jpg
Clematis 'Etoile Violette'
 photo climb3967_zpsdd4c0113.jpg
'Fourth Of July' with Clematis 'Jackmanii'
 photo climb3973_zps04f677b5.jpg
Let's take a break from the roses with Heuchera
 photo climb3987_zps68bcf070.jpg
...and with the Cup-of-Gold vine, Solandra maxima, photographed in the parking lot of the local Trader Joe's:
 photo climb3999_zps52a72342.jpg
I added the Echeverias along the edge of this bed.  I like the idea of this little detail--a few months will tell if it works or not.  
 photo climb3978_zps13e5e45e.jpg
These are the days of daze--so many things to look at, I just wander and look, instead of transplanting, watering, or weeding.
 photo climb4003_zps267f4c30.jpg
 photo climb4010_zps33c2dab8.jpg
Climber on a stick--a weeping standard 'Renae':
 photo climb4011_zps570c5ede.jpg
Even taller, the Manfreda flower I've been trying to hybridize some seven feet (2.1 m) above the one foot tall (30 cm) plant
 photo climb4019_zps6f3869f6.jpg 
What the...!?!  Dahlias in April?!?
 photo climb4020_zps8081ffd7.jpg
So easily distracted.  I wonder if this is a hummingbird's nest. The tip of my pinkie finger just fits into the cavity.  Was the nest succesful?  I hope. 
 photo climb4026_zpsd1260625.jpg
Clematis 'Viola', not overly vigorous in this climate.  The depth and richness of the purple is its great virtue.
 photo climb4031_zps9475ee62.jpg
And this, this is about as good as it's going to get this spring.  A day of daze, walk and gawk. 
 photo climb4044_zpsc084c808.jpg


  1. LOVE this post! I really appreciate the last image too, as it puts your garden into perspective for me -- at least part of it.

    Also, I'm pretty sure my Fourth of July is something else, as I get very little white (if any) when it blooms. Maybe that comes with age?

    That sure looks like a hummingbird nest to me, but seems a little small. Don't know what else it could be if it's not though.

    1. Hey Alan, FOJ can be very red here in cooler weather, but it was stripey from the get-go. Could be hummers, yes because the garden is full of them due to the year-round food sources.

  2. A glorious abunbance of flowers, your garden looks so beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I love your roses! Thanks for the pics.

  4. Spectacular! I'd lay odds that your hummingbird fledglings are out and about - my feeder (not to speak of my garden) is operating under an onslaught of hungry little hummers.

    1. Hummers everywhere in this neighborhood. They are so much fun! I really enjoyed my feeder, but so many other things to do I just planted more hummer-plants.

  5. What a stunning photo. I would stand there all day.

  6. Scrumptious! I can smell the rose scent just looking at your gorgeous garden! So much wonderful stuff in this post! Your rose/clematis pairing is fabulous, and the combination of 'Purple Splash' with the purple splash of aeonium 'Zwartkop' (guessing) is a double delight. (Oops, 'Double Delight' is another rose altogether.) The humming bird nest is very sweet & the Echeverias with the orangey-tan grass & lavenderish geranium are way cool. Grasses and succulents work so well together & your combination knocked my socks off. (Pardon the smell, I'm wearing new shoes.) Thanks for another fabulous post!

    1. Thanks outlaw! With my chronic allergies I can't detect much scent, but when I do it is heaven.

  7. Gorgeous pictures! I love the clematis growing through the roses.

    1. Thank you gardeninacity, I love that effect too.

  8. Your garden is absolutely fabulous!

    1. Thank you Mara, and your dog is so cute!

  9. You've done it again! That last picture is just exquisite, with the white climber arching off your balcony. I'm not surprised you're dazed - it's probably a rose fragrance overload!

    1. Thanks MulchMaid. If only my allergies would abate...

  10. Your garden is just beautiful, Hoover Boo! :)


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