Colors Sing Spring

Quite blue  photo iris2851_zpsd8394f9a.jpg
Kind of blue,
 photo iris2911_zps675a1406.jpg
A shade of red,
 photo iris2853_zps724ad21c.jpg
Really red,
 photo iris2857_zps6c35fc0d.jpg
A tint of yellow
 photo iris2862_zpse56ff669.jpg
Coral and green
 photo iris2865_zps92ce5ef0.jpg
 photo iris2883_zps7ee7b1ed.jpg
Warm pink
 photo iris2899_zpsac085fab.jpg
A burgundy stem and a tint of burgundy bracts
 photo iris2906_zps89a451f2.jpg
Lavender blue
 photo iris2914_zps445b8aa7.jpg
All together now...
 photo iris2915_zps4db69928.jpg
sing "Spring!"


  1. What a beautiful vision over a morning cuppa. I am so looking forward to colour like this arriving in our garden this year.

  2. Gorgeous images and colours dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Ohh how jealouse I am to see your beautiful springtime (positive way ofcourse). Overhere the weather is beautiful but so cold. We need rain!!
    Beautiful photo's Hoover.

  4. A rainbow of flowers and a picture perfect yard!

  5. Of such a beauty we can here at the moment only dream of, thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. Wishing you all a beautiful spring (hopefully soon!). :)


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