Dear Lowe's: This Is What You Were Going To Throw Out

Dear Lowe's:  this is what you were going to throw out:
'Belindas Dream'
 photo iris2940_zps620561f2.jpg
Because I knew an own-root baby 'Belinda's Dream'  is going to look awful, healthy or not,  I grabbed this plant from the Lowe's  death rack as soon as I saw it.  There are some excellent plants that look like crap in a small pot at the garden center.  You only have to know which ones they are to get a bargain. 

I had a chance to visit a stunning garden yesterday, and I forgot all about it.  Too busy gardening.  
'Glowing Peace'
 photo iris2924_zps0cd3fcdc.jpg
 photo iris2929_zpsadf997c6.jpg
A boy and his antler
 photo iris2944_zpsa0ba752b.jpg
Lotsa buds
 photo iris2917_zpse0f5e676.jpg
Black and orange, silver and bronze
 photo iris2919_zps64ad3ef8.jpg
Too busy to blog, must garden!   No thoughts, no words to share.  Hands in dirt, eyes on flowers, lizards, hummingbirds.   


  1. Beautiful images dear Hoover. I have found that most of the plants that end up on the death rack get there because of neglect and lack of water. Your rose is beautiful.
    Many of my plants have been rescued. I rescued some marigolds last year because they were dying of thirst, apparently the rest were just trashed. I cannot understand the thinking behind letting a plant die of thirst, such a waste, it is a living organism with so much to give if given the chance to thrive.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Yes exactly! Plants are living things; treating them as disposable merchandise expresses a profound alienation from our natural world.

  3. Breathtaking roses and photo's.
    Have a wonderful day Hoover

  4. Reading your post tonight had a calming effect on me. Thank you for reminding me how worthwhile gardening is! I live in Pennsylvania. Last autumn I decided to start up a hell's strip and planted it with 4 low growing grasses that I bought on sale. My plan was to finish planting the strip in the spring. The grasses stayed put through the winter. Now that spring has arrived and the ground finally thawed out, someone started vandalizing the strip. First, two of the grasses were pulled out, One disappeared, the other was tossed in the middle of the street. I picked it up and replanted it. Tonight I went out to walk my dogs and I discovered that all the grasses were pulled out and they are gone. Just empty holes left. I am heartbroken. None of the other plants in my garden have been touched, thank goodness. I have no idea who is doing this. Maybe kids, maybe someone who doesn't think a hell's strip is a good idea to have in the neighborhood. My thought is to keep going and replant, but then I think I'll have more vandalism and I get discouraged. Should I or shouldn't I?

    1. Oh Ana, I am so sorry to hear your garden was vandalized! I can imagine how frustrating and disappointing it is after working to make an area beautiful. Maybe put up a simple, polite sign, "Please let these plants grow here! Let's make the neighborhood more beautiful!" Something like that. Also when neighbors see you working out there they get more protective...Do try again, but use free plants or free seeds...just in case...hope it gets better!

  5. I love the lots of buds in your roses and the black Aeonium, but your boy with his antler steals the show. At last weather gets some warmer coming week and we need some rain please, lots of gardening to do now.
    Wish you happy gardening!

    1. Hope you get some good rain soon, Janneke. Happy for you that the weather is finally warming!


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