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Crepuscule photo mas03741_zps328b75f2.jpg
'Lions Fairy Tale' took years and years (five at least) to develop.  It's now finally producing some gorgeous flowers.  Sometimes a rose is worth the wait.
Lion's Fairy Tale photo mas3748_zpse008782b.jpg
'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' is another rose that took many years to develop.  I'm so pleased it finally responded to all that water and fertilizer.
Climbing rose 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' photo aa3322_zpscfc64b17.jpg
'Tradescant' is recovering.  It was in serious decline until I noticed it wasn't getting any water at all.  Oops!  Somehow it managed to survive a summer with no water.
Tradescant' photo mas3736_zpsaea8b8d9.jpg
Convolvulus mauritanicus
Convolvulus mauritanicus photo mas3731_zpsdffbaa96.jpg
The last of the Camellias until autumn
Last of the Camellias photo mas3714_zpsdf7bf301.jpg
'Geranium Red' has the exact same fragrance as 'Fragrant Cloud', and the color is also very similar.  Unlike 'Fragrant Cloud', very little mildew.
'Geranium Red' photo mas3712_zpsa60c4e29.jpg
It's fun that through a gap in the trees I can enjoy my neighbor's 'Livin Easy':
 photo aa3327_zps396fa644.jpg
'Julia Child', another year, another glorious spring. 
'Julia Child' photo aa3332_zps66a4a6a2.jpg
Acer palmatum 'Oshio Bene'
Acer palmatum 'Oshio Bene' photo aa3309_zps3c0ef518.jpg
Clematis languinosa 'Candida' never does much, but it faithfully gives a handful of flowers every year.  
Clematis languinosa 'Candida' photo aa3305_zpsb34c44b1.jpg
'Etoile Violette' likes our climate better
Clematis Etoile Violette photo aa3302_zpscaa4a57c.jpg
'The Ambridge Rose' looking particularly fresh
The Ambridge Rose photo aa3298_zps960c9b2c.jpg
The Ranunculus are finishing up
Ranunculus almost done photo aa3293_zpsf403e24c.jpg
Geranium 'Rozanne' is using 'Tamora' as a trellis.
Geranium 'Rozanne' photo aa3292_zps4a512e77.jpg
Clematis 'Niobe' unfurling
 photo aa3288_zpsbca50fc0.jpg
And 'Golden Celebration' cascading down gently into Acer palmatum 'Emperor I'.
Acer palmatum 'Emperor I' and 'Golden Celebration' photo aa3317_zps73c10d40.jpg  


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the tour. We Californians seem to grow a lot of the same plants. Your Crepuscule looks exactly like mine right now (and no wonder), but I have climbing Mme Caroline Testout cascading into my red-leaved Japanese maple instead of Golden Celebration :)

    1. Mme Caroline is one I would like to have. Wonder if it would share space with KAV.

  2. So many flowers in bloom in bright, sweet colours. I love the tree with red foliage.

    1. I do like a lot of color, too much maybe! Sometimes the garden looks like a giant confetti toss.

  3. Lots of gorgeous flowers. I love Geranium 'Rozanne' with 'Tamora'. 'Julia Child' is pretty nice, too.

  4. Oh, that last photo really takes my breath away.

    1. Eventually that maple is going to shade GC, but for now, they are buddies!


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