New Sport, New Bed

See it?  Ivory, not pink:
 photo sport3709_zpsdd019ae9.jpg
Now maybe?
 photo sport3706_zps0cf84ea9.jpg
Sport, or merely a damaged stem?  The stem looked fine.
 photo sport3705_zpsa44cb53a.jpg
I'll try to root this stem.  An ivory version of 'Belinda's Dream' would be great.
 photo sport3716_zpsa37e125d.jpg
Another thing new.  We thought the puppies were about old enough to have beds and not eat them
 photo bed3031_zpscfd3c048.jpg
Well, not quite yet.  They made sport of it. 
 photo bed3034_zps10bfdc47.jpg
Natasha is especially proud of her efforts.
 photo bed3038_zps0f4dac57.jpg


  1. Wow! After whom will you name the sport of 'Belinda's Dream?' Boris and Natasha crack me up with their antics. It's very funny to see other people's dogs do this sort of thing!

    1. First I need to propagate it, and second it needs to be a stable sport. The name comes after all that. Yes it is funny to see OTHER PEOPLE'S dogs do this stuff. When it is your own...grrrr! Well, it is pretty funny, really. They get away with a lot.

  2. Tearing up beds IS the new sport :)

    Hope the ivory is stable and propagates for you.

    1. Yes, but a very expensive sport--brings to mind the bumper sticker: "Driver carries no cash, son plays hockey"

  3. I like ivory, reminds me of 'Saly Holmes'.


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