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Every so often a hummingbird ends up in the garage and can't find its way out.  It keeps trying to fly upwards, and bangs its little head against the ceiling, over and over again.  In their normal environment, they are brilliant little warriors.  Out of their normal environment, you find out they are idiots.  You know, bird-brains. 
Up against the drywall ceiling:
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I got my old Koi net out, the one that is now too ridiculously small for any of my Koi, and gently guided the little bird towards the wide open doors she could not seem to find.  She was so tired she ended up perching inside the net, and I walked her out.  I dearly wanted to take a photo of her up close, but her safety took priority, so sorry, no photo.  She perched in the net looking at me.  She was panting.   We looked silently at each other while she caught her breath and reoriented herself to her normal world, and then she flew off.   
She went thatta way:
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There's plenty of hummer food around the garden to aid her.
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Speaking of rescues, over the week end I visited a little old boarded-up bungalow near the county courthouse in search of a rose.  
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Quite a nice rose, actually, with a sweet fragrance.
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The general conclusion is that it is the climbing version of a rose called 'Snowbird' (introduced 1935).  Though 'Snowbird' is said to have 2-3" (5-7 cm) blooms, and these were more like 4" (10 cm). 
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I took some cuttings and will try to get them to root.  Well worth rescue.  Speaking of old climbing roses, my 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' (introduced 1897) has finally produced what can be called a good spring flush.  
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I got this rose back about 2007 from Vintage Roses;  it's taken a long time to establish.  Sadly, Vintage Roses will close down in June;  no rescue for a small rose nursery in a poor economy.  At least its carefully collected--and rescued--roses will live on in gardens all over the country. 
 photo atu3207_zps08cc4e1b.jpg We all hope to be rescued when we need it, and we rescue as best we are able those in need.  There's a beauty in that.  Many times has the garden rescued me--from anxiety, despair, loneliness. 
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Who rescued whom? 


  1. That little hummingbird, so glad she could fly away again. Your roses look so beautiful, Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria is a real beauty.

  2. I wish we had hummingbirds in the UK they are amazing. We do now have large flocks of green parakeets which brighten the place up and make it slightly more noisy.

    1. If parakeets, why not hummers? I think the hummers need warm or warm(ish) weather. We have feral green parrots here that screech like crazy. See

  3. You rose rustler! I was sad about Vintage's news too but amazed at how long they hung on. BTW, I bet that bungalow has intact cabinetry and built-in's. It has that look of never having been renovated, with original wood front porch steps -- wow!
    Yes, the rescue is definitely mutual.

    1. Ye, I was looking at the bungalow, not just the rose, wondering what the story was. The neighborhood was not half bad, considering.

  4. "Who rescued whom? "

    Now, that's a good question. I've been rescued by my garden as well.

    We've lost three little birds recently from crashing into windows. I think I need to glue a stop sign or a wreath or a flag to the windows. Glad you were able to rescue your hummer.

    1. That has happened here a couple of times. I feel terrible for the little creatures. Most of my windows are so dirty they see the glass in time. I saw what might have been the same hummer this morning, slightly scruffy looking on the top of the head, but flying well and sipping nectar. All's well...

  5. Repurposing the koi net was inspired! I'm glad you could save the maddening little creature.

    1. One of those very rare instances when you save something you can't really use anymore and it actually comes in handy for something else!


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