Restorations/Additions To The Huntington's Japanese Style Garden

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I've always liked the site of the Huntington's Japanese-style garden.  You enter a gateway and look downwards from a Wisteria covered terrace to the garden and its iconic bridge.  
The Wisteria terrace:
 photo hother3659_zpsa5804e1a.jpg 
Across, on the other side of the gully is the Japanese style home.  Essentially, they made a really wonderful garden out of a large ditch. 
The Wisteria was just completing its spring bloom.
 photo hunt3652_zpse21e37ac.jpg

 photo hother3655_zps9eb21ab4.jpg
Azalea flowers add bright color; the freshly leafed out Acer palmatums are more subtle .
 photo huntj3657_zps75cc762a.jpg
A handrail mimics the curving branches of a very old maple.
 photo huntj3658_zpsccf8e231.jpg
Lots of golden bamboo
 photo huntj3665_zpsd5195ea2.jpg
Sago palms (Cycas revoluta) are native to southern Japan.
 photo hother3661_zps0e85900f.jpg
 The existing structures were cleaned up, and repaired, and some plants were replaced.
 photo huntj3667_zps0e6622c7.jpg
The dry stone garden looks about the same.
 photo huntj3669_zps5233084d.jpg
Stones dropped into a pool of stones
 photo huntj3671_zpsf7391154.jpg
 The original Bonsai area is still there
 photo huntj3672_zps0dfb3aee.jpg
This is a John Naka Olive bonsai:
 photo huntj3673_zpsff425af8.jpg
I thought the renovation was limited to the original area, and was pleased to discover an entire new area has been developed behind the Japanese-style house, on the flat area on the far side of the gully.
 photo huntj3676_zpsbdaf6a37.jpg
We had the area almost to ourselves so it was very peaceful.  Rhododendron 'Kintaiyo' provided a bit of non-green color. 
 photo huntjRhodieKintaiyo3677_zps14c71f19.jpg

 photo hother3679_zps8f179203.jpg
The area is so new, installation of plants was still in progress
 photo hother3685_zps29990a6c.jpg
As in the recently built Chinese garden, pre-existing large trees gave the new garden a maturity it would otherwise need many years to achieve.
 photo huntj3680_zpse9079ba2.jpg

 photo huntj3683_zps9f15449c.jpg

A pathway lined with golden bamboo led us back out of a serene and elegant woodland.  The bright colors and chattering people in the rose garden were a sharp contrast.
 photo huntj3686_zps310a7e13.jpg

 photo hother3687_zps01a8e820.jpg
This is one of the great things about the Huntington:  all in one place are  many different moods and landscapes to enjoy--besides the art in the galleries--galleries that are deliciously air-conditioned in summer, making them a great relief from the heat, even if you are not interested in paintings or manuscripts.  
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Fridays can be so hectic. The dreadful events going on in Boston and West, Texas the past few days have shaken us all.  I hope sights from this garden bring a little serenity to your day. 


  1. A beautiful garden and so calming! Thanks, this was a great way to start Friday!

  2. I love that first photo -- what a view!

    This looks like a great place to find a bench and hang out for a few quiet hours.

    1. There are some very nice places to sit and enjoy.

  3. Two visits to the Huntington and I've not made it to this part of the garden. The draw of the desert section is just too strong! Maybe next time...

    1. We skipped the Desert Garden this visit--last several visits we only went to the Desert Garden. Once warm weather hits it is an oven.

  4. That's the Japanese dry garden I want to see next visit there! Not sure if I got slides of it, last time there in '89...and that is gravel used well. Serenity for sure.

    1. It's wonderful that there's this void, then you realize it's not really a void at all.

  5. Beautiful garden, beutiful pictures :)


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