Saturday Miscellany

Still enjoying the Itoh peony:
 photo thur3230_zps4bad83d1.jpg
'Blue Glow' under blue sky:
 photo thur3224_zpsdf0b2212.jpg
I planted little Agave sebastiana 'Silver Linings' in that empty spot next to the blooming 'Blue Glow'.  A. sebastiana likes dry conditions;  hopefully it does well there. 
 photo thur3222_zpsb02f5e64.jpg
More blue sky--'Molineux' I did not prune hard enough this year.  It's already seven feet tall and this is only the first flush.
 photo thur3220_zps56a019a5.jpg
The Fig is leafing out nicely and already has a few fruit forming.  Must get the bird netting out early this year.  
 photo atu3214_zps069f0ad1.jpg
New little 'Darcy Bussell' opened its first flower, a bit squeezed by all the surrounding buds.  Nice so far. 
 photo atu3182_zps714f7976.jpg
'Darcy' has much smaller flowers than 'William Shakespeare 2000'. Here's 'William':
 photo atu3113_zpsd1ff5c19.jpg
 'The Endeavour' is having its best spring ever.  I take back all the bad things I said about it.
 photo thur3117_zpsa7dd8d40.jpg
And yet another new plant, though I think I've been fairly disciplined this year---everything I've bought or been given has gone straight into an empty spot in the ground.  Much better that way, really.  I know, hard to believe, but yes, it is better.  This Acer palmatum was marked 'dissectum 'Viridis', but it's mislabled because the leaves are definitely not dissectum.  Whatever.  "Here I am, waiting for you." it said, as clearly as if it had lips to speak.  "Take me home now."  So I did. 
Update 4/25/13:  I believe this is Acer palmatum 'Ryusen'.  'Ryusen' translates from the Japanese roughly as "falling waters" or "flowing river".   It is also known as 'Millennium Green', having been introduced into commerce in the year 2000 from Saitama Prefecture.
 photo thur3198_zps5e3c2c65.jpg  


  1. Gorgeous flowers, the Endeavour rose is so beautiful and I love the Acer Palmatum, I would not be able to resist either, how lovely it is.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Everything looks so lovely - I've never seen an agave bloom before and didn't know they looked like that! So cool. Your roses look beautiful and I can see why you couldn't resist that gorgeous maple.

    1. Thank you, Spurge. Yes, the maple is something!

  3. Ah, Molineux..I fell for a shameless David Austin marketing ploy and planted a group of three. This seems like a reasonable idea for a wimpy gal like Fair Bianca, though I must say the first flush of the Molineux Trio in the hell strip is pretty dramatic.

    1. Yep, he is vigorous, nothing like Frail Bianca. That trio must be beautiful.

  4. Great pictures! That Agave is amazing! And Monineux, just gorgeous.


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