Sunday Glory In White

I was out front late yesterday afternoon hand-pollinating Manfreda with 'Blue Glow' and 'Blue Glow' with Manfreda, when the scent of the neighbor's Magnolia grandiflora bowled me over.  Sweet!
 photo aeo3911_zps2bc7b940.jpg
Another glory in white, the 'Iceberg' on the front of the house:
 photo aeo3929_zpse522c31a.jpg
I decided it needs a 'Perle d'Azure' Clematis as a companion.  Now that would be even better.  And glory in white again, Boris post-bath:
 photo aeo3932_zps1bb94289.jpg
When I got them back from the Vet, he'd written a note on the receipt:  "Please brush your dogs."  Whoops.  Well in my defense, they don't like it.  
 photo aeo3942_zpsba8ba679.jpg
Natasha avoided posing when the camera battery ran out of juice.  


  1. That first photo is really awesome, i am again drooling with envy. But the dog of course is different, it is super beautiful, haha! I also like the weed under him at the crack of the wall.

  2. These beautiful dogs look as clean as the Climbing Iceberg rose. Brushing dogs is a crime, my Snarf does not like it too. When he sees the brush he is away.

  3. Great work on that first photo -- beautiful!

  4. A great photo of the beautiful magnolia. Your Iceberg rose looks magnificent, planted next to a white flowering clematis would be wonderful. Boris looks very handsome, you would need a heavy duty brush to get through that fluffy fur.
    xoxoxo ♡


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