The Phases Of Spring

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The first phase is when the plants stop looking tired.
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Then buds begin to appear.  The flowers of bulbs. 
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Then the first rose or two opens, a bit oddly shaped because it's still cold off and on, but they have rich, deep color.
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Then we wait, because the weather cools again to enable us to worry about disease on those pristine new leaves.
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Suddenly we realize how alive everything seems.   The Clematis shoot up out of the ground like rockets. 
 photo apr2949_zpsc9f7ff73.jpg
The Ranunculus peak.
 photo apr2977_zps00eec005.jpg 
There is an Iris.
 photo apr2975_zps8df2d2b6.jpg
The first cornflower.
 photo apr2983_zps9c828eee.jpg
Then every other rose has a flower, or two.
 photo apr2986_zps28f589cc.jpg
Then the roses really start, a dozen or more on nearly every plant.
 photo apr2966_zps49266fa3.jpg

 photo apr2959_zps2450457c.jpg
That is the phase which is my favorite, before the beautiful mulch I have meticulously laid out, the receiving blanket for baby Spring, becomes covered with rose petals.  That moment when all is beauty, but the very best is yet to come.  
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  1. The plants and flowers in your garden are a stunning display of beauty and colour, all of your hard work has been rewarded.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Yes it has, I guess that is why I do all that work!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Here we have slightly different phases of spring: 1) The constant rain and winds are reduced to only a few days a week. 2) The mud dries a little and you no longer sink to your knees in the beds. 3)Things start to bloom and look really prettyl 4) A big wind and rain storm blows the petals off of everything that hasn't been beaten to the ground or blown over. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

    1. Well that means no need to water, right?

    2. Look at you finding the positive side!

    3. With roses like that in the garden, it's kind of easy.

  3. All the blooms in your post are beautiful but your roses are spectacular. Almost all of mine are still at the bud stage so I'm very envious.

  4. The changes between the seasons are very subtle here in Brisbane. How exciting it must be to see the different phases. Love the deep purple iris, and your roses are beautiful, as always.

    1. The seasons here are very subtle as well. One has to look carefully over time to really see the changes. Non-gardeners don't seem to notice at all.

  5. Lovely blooms and photos. This year spring seems to have very heavy shoes, as it was slow to arrive and is very slow to move past the early stage of clear, cold days.

    1. that is a beautiful way of putting it, a Spring with heavy shoes...


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