White Wisteria

White Wisteria, just down the block:
 photo wist3046_zpsa943f6c7.jpg
A plant to glory in--as long as it is in someone else's garden.   Thug!
 photo wist3047_zps5771b22d.jpg
The Tea rose 'Monsieur Tillier' out on the road:
 photo wist3051_zpsf9459313.jpg
Nice!  No thug, he. 
 photo wist3055_zps7fc7352f.jpg
Meanwhile, tragedy at home.  Do you see it?
 photo wist3064_zpsed2445a4.jpg
Yes, gall mite on Aloe plicatilis.  I guess I could try cutting that branch off.  Best looking at something else. 
 photo wist3067_zps62a94108.jpg
 How about looking at a nearly perfect 'Bill Warriner'?  Though there's an aphid there...
 photo wist3069_zpsce09b788.jpg
The 'Angelique' Clematis I shot a couple of days ago is fully open now.  What a soothing, serene color:
 photo wist3074_zps4ad9732a.jpg
How would that color pair up with 'Ebb Tide'?
 photo wist3013_zps4020dbe2.jpg
Not as good as I would expect.



  1. The aphid on 'Bill Warriner' is like the required imperfection in a Navaho sand painting. And 'Angelique' is one cool beauty.

    1. Required imperfection...fascinating idea!

  2. A thug, but a glorious thug.

    1. I love it--in someone else's garden!


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