Bloom Day May 2013: Little Flowers From Afar

My Bloom Day theme is little flowers from afar, courtesy of the new 55-200 mm lens.
'Rhapsody in Blue'
 photo little4852_zps1c5a5209.jpg
Little animals from afar too.
 photo little4848_zpsd465f9da.jpg
The lizards have their spring breeding colors.  This one has touches of blue:
 photo little4840_zpsf414f438.jpg
Blue as well soon to appear on Agapanthus.  I love the smeary background the lens creates:
 photo little4831_zps2e6e27a1.jpg
Against a background of hot blue sky, only one seed pod on the Manfreda so far--hopefully from the 'Blue Glow' Agave pollen I dabbed all over it. 
 photo little4823_zps64cc511e.jpg
The Austin 'Falstaff' holds up to heat surprisingly well.
 photo little04841_zpsf8c37b92.jpg
'Pillow Fight' enjoys a little shade:
 photo little4821_zps0242fc53.jpg
A garden buddy gave me this pink Pelargonium she claimed was excellent.  She was correct.  
 photo little4819_zpsded515b8.jpg
The California poppies are finishing up:
 photo little4813_zps4ac2d3d7.jpg
The Calandrinia is still going strong, with poppies smeared on the background for some orange complement. 
 photo little4809_zpsfc4e189b.jpg
The gorgeous thug, Salvia 'Black And Blue' is back:
 photo little4805_zpsf52f6a87.jpg
A white Gaura appeared from nowhere:
 photo mas4861_zpscd657475.jpg
Off theme, but my neighbor's 'Iceberg's need to be seen!
 photo mas4864_zps367a332f.jpg
Our 'Laguna' isn't so bad, either.  Clematis 'Perle d'Azur' in the foreground.
 photo mas4876_zps77afe049.jpg
Couldn't smear out the background of this little Fuchsia...
 photo mas4877_zpsb994c683.jpg
...but the mulch behind Echeveria 'Imbricata' obliged.  
 photo mas4881_zpsf6aa7f09.jpg
Happy Bloom Day!  Head on to our host, MayDreams, for more May time flowers. 


  1. Gorgeous flowers dear Hoover,your garden is alive with colours and scents no doubt. I really like your rose "Pillow Fight", it is very pretty. Your new lens is doing a wonderful job in blurring and softening the background of your photos, very much like "Impressionism".
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne, you are always so kind...

  2. You make me like roses so much more than I ever thought possible. Your photography is wonderful--everything looks great!

    1. Thanks Heather, I find I like roses more than I thought I did!

  3. Wow, your new lens is treating you well. Those photos are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Good, I'm enjoying it a lot.

  4. Wow...great photography. The close-ups of the bee and lizard are amazing and nice blooms as well! The new camera lens is doing its job! Happy GBBD!

  5. 'Pillow Fight' looks like a great rose - and that is a great name! Im especially fond of whiTe flowers.

    1. It's actually my neighbor's, planted right next to my Aloes on the slope. It's got a fantastic spring flush, then not much after that, but no foliar disease, either.

  6. Congratulations on your new lens, I have a 55-250 mm lens on my wish list for my Canon EOS 600D camera, they are quite expensive though, but what a difference it makes when taking photos :-)

    Nice to see your garden again, haven't been here for a while, have been far too busy out in my own garden. Here in London it is still cold, colder than we had it January, and last night it snowed in large part of south-east England!! Here in London we just had an almighty hail storm for a few minutes, that was all. The weather is really strange so all I can do is admire other people's roses, it's going to be weeks before I have any amount of roses myself. And... 'Falstaff' is wonderful, would like to grow it in my garden if I had room for it :-)
    Take care, Helene.

    1. I saw all the work going on in your garden. It looks wonderful, despite your terrible weather. 'Falstaff' is pretty wimpy here, there might be room!

  7. Beautiful flowers and amazing photography! I see that you are growing your Perle d' Azur on shrubs. I also have a 'Perle' who might be happier left to sprawl. I enjoyed all of your photos!

    1. Thanks Dorothy. PdA was intended to grow on 'Laguna', but PdA decided 'Laguna' was too big and she went in another direction, which is okay with me. Don't you just adore that beautiful lavender blue color? Makes me swoon every year.

  8. Did you change your email address? I tried to send you some flower photos from London and they bounced. grrrr

    1. No, it's the same. And who said you could go to London?

  9. Your new camera adds a new dimension to your always splendid pictures.

  10. " only one seed pod on the Manfreda so far--hopefully from the 'Blue Glow' Agave pollen I dabbed all over it"
    How do you plant the seed pod? What will the hybrid look like?

    Always love your photography and your "eye" for subject. Now you've bumped it up a whole lot. Thanks!

  11. Nice bokeh as they say. Question? How strong is iceberg, I'm looking for a trailer. And yes black and blue salvias are thugs.

    1. 'Iceberg' is reportedly terrible in black spot country. Trailer in white? 'Seafoam' is a standard, but I've not seen a lot of affection declared for it. Have a look at 'Little White Pet', it will arch and flop. Tough, tough rose, some fragrance too.


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