Dasylirion longissimum In The Sun

Here is the slope back in 2006, when I was just beginning my effort to turn it into a succulent paradise. The sole plant that remains from that time is the violet Bougainvillea, still in that same spot. The Lophostemnon confertus belongs to the neighbor--they planted it right on the property line. Unfortunately it's still there, too. Back then, the Dasylirion was in a two gallon pot and I was wondering what to do with it, and thinking it might be happy on that slope.  photo aaa0859_zps9e5d10cb.jpg The Baccharis is long gone; the Bougainvillea looks healthier. Dasylirion photo dasylirion5079_zps69f0e3c0.jpg
The Dasylirion seems reasonably happy.


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    1. Thanks outlaw, it's getting there...

  2. The dasylirion looks awesome! It's fairly slow-growing even in the ground, isn't it? I have one in a pot and it doesn't seem to be growing at all even though it looks healthy and happy.

    1. It seems pretty fast to me--it is at least six feet wide now. That's a horribly dry spot, so it's doing that growth on winter rain only. Or am I patient?

    2. You're right, six feet in six years or so isn't bad. I wish I had a spot in the ground for mine.

  3. That is a stunning combination! Lovely.

  4. Such a beautiful transformation to the slope, it looks amazing.
    xoxoxo ♡


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