Friday Photos: Clematis 'Marie Louise Jensen' and 'Bees Jubilee'

Found last August on the Lowe's Death Rack.  Now, alive and growing:
Clematis 'Marie Louise Jensen' photo aaa5173_zpsf31735f6.jpg
Home Cheepo special, 'Bee's Jubilee', slightly ear-wigged. 
Clematis 'Bees Jubilee' photo beesjubilee4544_zpsd3054467.jpg
Big-box Clematis have proven to be decent buys, if I happen to spot them--the supply and choice of cultivars is usually limited. 


  1. Beautiful! You are inspiring me to check out the clearance racks. I got a Phlox divaricata myself cheap.

  2. So beautiful dear Hoover and so good of you to rescue them.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Beautiful! I have bought many plants on then 'near death' shelf in the past, with a bit of TLC they can be just as fine as the full price ones.

  4. I cracked up laughing at 'Loew's Death Rack'.... Hahahahahahaha... Very nice you have such good luck with them. I can hardly get them to come back here because of a meadow vole problem. They think Clematis are great winter snacks

  5. Nice! 'Marie Louise' looks more blue than Jackmanii, and 'Bee's Jubilee' reminds me of 'Nelly Moser'. You saved these two and your compassion was rewarded!


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