New Camera Lens

Now I can get those action shots:
Green Ring photo greenring4399_zps293c7ea4.jpg
We went to Best Buy to look at stuff.  Lo and Behold they had a 55-200mm lens "out of box" so it was less than half price.  Now I can try for hummingbird photos.  Puppy action shots are far easier at 200mm...
Green Ring photo greenring4368_zpsec1fc6de.jpg
I can get close-ups of flowers too far away for the kit lens.
Clematis 'Huldine'
Clematis 'Huldine' photo newlens4390_zps40e7df96.jpg

Clematis 'Huldine' photo newlens4387_zpse5d150f5.jpg
'Tradescant' photo newlens4365_zpsc93ec832.jpg
'Cressida' photo newlens4362_zpsc7ddd1aa.jpg
Clematis 'Etoile Violette'
New Lens photo newlens4305_zps45dd2669.jpg
Easy blurred out backgrounds now.  Yay!
New Lens photo newlens4290_zps8e9f5340.jpg
Clematis 'Wisley' has flowers down to the ground this year.  For some reason Photobucket makes the flowers look blue.  The original photo shows the flowers with their real purple color.  Just this cultivar, for some weird reason. 
Clematis 'Wisley' photo newlens4403_zps3e78f6c0.jpg
Didn't need the new lens for the first Dahlia of the year.  I hope subsequent flowers of this cultivar are a little more regular.
First Dahlia of '13 photo sun4241_zpsbe6e23da.jpg
'Jude the Obscure' managed to deal with the brief but brutal heat wave.
Rosa 'Jude The Obscure' photo sun4244_zpsc56eb2ce.jpg
This Day Lily was a freebie with a name I have forgotten.  It was long under the Avocado tree, where I never saw the flowers.  I moved it last year, and it's blooming again this year.  It has a wine-type of name--Cabernet something?  I can't remember.
Day Lily photo sun4252_zpse87f4980.jpg
And the 'Meyer Improved' lemon I was going to throw out, but couldn't bring myself to trash, is alive and resprouting!
Meyer Lemon resprouts photo sun4255_zps72957019.jpg
I'm already enjoying the new lens, and hope to get some great pictures eventually.  This weekend was quite breezy and not great for photographing anything outdoors, except maybe puppies.
 photo greenring4398_zpsdada502c.jpg  


  1. Stumming pictures of your roses and clematis. The Tradescant rose is gorgeous, but........these puppies playing, I do love them. I cannot get enough of these dogs, such fun.

    1. The puppies have brought us so much joy!

  2. What a deal! Adding a long lens (200mm) to your lens collection opens up as many possibilities as adding a macro lens does, I think you'll find. :)

    1. I love it already. Kit lens is already gathering dust.

  3. Great puppy and flower images, you really have some beautiful plants, the colour of the daylily is amazing. I have often wondered how those blurred backgrounds are achieved in photos, so is it all to do with the lens on the camera?
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. You either use the depth of field setting on the camera, which is the "aperture" setting, to blur out the background. or a telephoto lens which (I think) has a shallower depth of field from the get-go, to blur the background, or both. (I think)

  4. A new lens is exciting. I've been wanting to get a "better" camera, but then I'd need to commit to studying how to use it. Since the learning curve always seem steeper these days, I've held off so far. The coloration in the center of 'Jude the Obscure' is unusual and attractive. As are the pups, of course (attractive, that is!)

    1. I'm still learning stuff on my camera, after more than a year. There's so much there to fuss with!

  5. I have a 55-185 and love the bokeh.

    1. Well i just learned a new word today. Thanks, greggo! :)

      bokeh--"a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image."


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