Sweetly Cool Fog Then Blazing Heat

A morning of sweetly cool fog, then two days of blazing heat.
The foggy morning:
Clematis 'Wisley' photo 
The soft greyed haze:
Rosa 'Laguna photo 
The mystery fog adds to a garden.
Rosa 'Laguna' photo 
Soft contrasts.  
Clematis 'Wisley'
Clematis 'Wisley' photo 
Water-fat, not dry and toasted.
Rosa 'Bishops Castle' 
Bishops Castle photo 
Relishing the fog, a seedling Begonia. It appeared from nowhere, apparently a wax bedding begonia crossed with something two feet (60 cm) taller.  Quite nice for a random seedling.
Errant Begonia photo coolfog4797_zpsac632cd7.jpg
Salvia 'Blue Hill' takes fog or heat.
Saliva 'Blue Hill' photo coolfog4795_zpsfba77377.jpg
The next morning, no soothing fog.  The sun was early and ready to scorch.  

 'Laguna' was a dud last year.  This year is different.
Rosa 'Laguna' photo coolfog4788_zps381d860e.jpg
Early morning light blazes forthThe heat is on.  No gardening should be attempted
Early Heat photo coolfog4786_zpsd94689f2.jpg

A little seeding rose that popped up on the slope by the Aloe arborescens, vulnerable to the sun.  It looks like a seed from 'Fourth Of July', given the stripes.  I had mercy and before the sun rose too high, moved it to a place where it will get watered.  Perhaps it will be worth keeping; likely not, but for a while, it will live.
Seedling Rose photo mas4508_zps168abc16.jpg
Here's hoping (as always) for a late and pathetic summer. 
Puppies photo coolfog4485_zpsd0219054.jpg


  1. It's a year of changes in the garden, isn't it? Here yesterday morning it was 36ºF, while today it will hit 90ºF. The poor plants don't know what to do!

  2. Gorgeous flowers and colours, the fog adds a beautiful softness. I love 'surprise' plants in my garden, always a joy.
    The puppies look so cute!
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Love the foggy pictures and the golden quality of the early morning light; such a beautiful contrast of garden moods. Boris and Natasha look all fluffy and pristine, like they had a bath and mom hasn't let them go outside and play yet.

  4. Your weather is very variable. We have foggy mornings. But very rarely. That blue clematis Wisley is really lovely!


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