What Was Blooming In The Huntington Desert Garden At May's End?

Echinopsis robinsoniana:
Echinopsis robinsoniana photo hunt5489_zps4211d231.jpg

Echinopsis robinsoniana photo a05488_zpsd5f9426b.jpg

Echinopsis robinsoniana photo hunt5481_zpsf06c90b0.jpg
I was hoping to see some hybrid Echinopsis blooms, but apparently they were a few more days yet.
Dyckia species (orange flowers), Palo Verde tree (the yellow):
 photo hunt5479_zps4fd71ff7.jpg
Opuntia microdasys:
Opuntia microdaysis in bloom photo hunt5475_zps50ff2477.jpg
We inadvertently hit prime time for Yucca rostrata
Yucca rostrata in bloom photo hunt5468_zpsb170ea99.jpg
Wow, eh?
Yucca rostrata in bloom photo hunt5466_zps2a28ea1c.jpg
Another group:
Yucca rostrata in bloom photo hunt5465_zpsdbb44d1a.jpg

Yucca rostrata in bloom photo hunt5467_zps6062f28d.jpg
Bromilia balansae, the 'Heart of Flame'.  
 photo hunt5462_zps824730cb.jpg
I dunno.  Some Opuntia:
 photo hunt5437_zpsd014b211.jpg
Agave lechuguilla bloom, flowers just ready to open.
 photo hunt5418_zps23ccb766.jpg
This bromiliad was done.
 photo hunt5413_zps442ba2a4.jpg
This were just starting:
Bromeliad flower stalks photo hunt5410_zps21108308.jpg
 Didn't get the name of this one.  Some Opuntia:
 photo hunt5396_zps88592314.jpg
This extremely ratty looking Yucca (Nolina?) had an inflorescence that was mobbed by an entire beehive.  Any black dot you see here was a bee, buzzing in ecstasy.  Must have been some nectar!
Yucca(?) flower spike photo hunt5390_zpsc6d7d2a4.jpg
Beautiful Agave, no tag, no flower, but what a poetic curve to the leaf:
 photo hunt5383_zps0115d304.jpg
Oops!  There's a flower cluster:
Agave flower cluster photo hunt5382_zpsccc16ef8.jpg 
Monster Dasylirion bloom stalk.  Keep in mind the plant itself was at least six feet (2 M) tall.  I couldn't figure out if it was finished blooming or just starting.  Wow.  
Dasylirion bloom stalk photo hunt5366_zps6abc7547.jpg
Fouquiera species:
Fouquieria photo hunt5361_zps81a0a765.jpg

 photo hunt5358_zps5e40d8ae.jpg
A Stapelia, just far enough away that we couldn't smell it.  The flies had not yet arrived.
Stapelia photo hunt5350_zpsae717329.jpg
Can't resist those Golden Barrels, can you?
 photo hunt5354_zpsa79f42ca.jpg
And the fun shots of the day were this Finch(?) digging through cactus flowers for small caterpillars:
 photo hunt5343_zps914a19ce.jpg
Got one!  Yummy!
 photo hunt5338_zps989252b2.jpg
Beak was getting dirty...
 photo hunt5336_zpsb9460ba1.jpg
So that's May's End...
 photo hunt5332_zps4120623b.jpg
...unexpectedly floral...
 photo hunt5330_zpsa9491459.jpg
...quite delightful!
 photo hunt5328_zps8a72c49e.jpg


  1. Wow, simply wow.

    Fantastic photos as always.

  2. I've never seen a Yucca rostrata in bloom, wow indeed! Thanks for bringing us along on your tour.

  3. Ya, what Spiky O said!

    I love that the flower bud bases on the Opuntia microdasys are just as polka-dotted with glochids as the pads are.

  4. Absolutely superb series of shots! Highly beautiful. I love those blooming yuccas. and that looks like a House Finch to me

  5. Awesome, we don't see plants like that in Alabama!

  6. Love the finch pictures! And the Yucca rostrata is awesome.

  7. that yucca is sensational!

  8. This is your blog photo opus, Hoov. The photos are gorgeous, each one more lovely than the last. Thank you!

  9. You have highlighted your landscape so beautifully. Inside this drought tolerant mecca, there is life and beauty. I love all the pollinators in that one particular photo.

  10. Thanks to all for the very kind comments. Happy you enjoyed the pictures. I'm a little behind on blogging because of a busy weekend, sorry!

  11. Stupendous photos, Hoov. I've never seen Yucca rostrata or a dasylirion in bloom. I wonder if mine is getting old enough to throw a spike like that.


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