Agave ovatifolia In Bloom

Agave ovatifolia in bloom at the Huntington this week.
 photo fly01_zpsa40d6a14.jpg

 photo fly02_zps51187dd9.jpg
Some of the flowers were open.
 photo fly03_zps53b69ffa.jpg
Some were not.
 photo fly04_zpsa9e7c32e.jpg

 photo fly05_zps205b737f.jpg
Nearby, a butterfly in the Dyckia.  
Agraulis vanillae, Gulf Fritillary.
 photo fly6682_zps77bbda50.jpg
The Gulf Fritillary uses Passiflora exclusively as hosts for their caterpillars, but gladly sips nectar gladly from other plant genera. 
 photo fly6681_zps2f29c816.jpg

 photo fly6679_zps4ccd3242.jpg

 photo fly6678_zps28e8ddd9.jpg


  1. These photos look like magic, especially with that butterfly which I have never seen before. What a beauty!

  2. Spectacular photos of the agave an flowers, do they have a lovely fragrance?
    Beautiful butterfly images and yellow blossoms.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. There's nothing in the garden quite so dramatic, beautiful, sad, structural, amazing as an agave in bloom. Thanks for sharing this one!

  4. Awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping coolness, Hoover! I feel like Outlaw said it perfectly.

  5. Seeing your bees (or hummingbirds) going after the blooms in mid-air is my favorite part. Like a lofty tower of sweets only they can attain?

  6. Amazing. Nature is the coolest.


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