Eternal Haloragus

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I bought a Haloragus 'Wellington Bronze' back about the year 2000;  after a year or so I pulled it out, but ever since, a few seedlings appear every spring.  No seedling has ever thrived, because I either killed them or drought did.  This year I enabled one seedling to grow.  It looks rather nice, nothing to swoon over, but it covers a small bit of bare ground and gets watered when the extra-water fairy is on her way from 'Fair Bianca' to the new lemon tree.  So there it is.  
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There are times when you have to allow for random events, though having determined that the Haloragus will bloom in August, I may pull it in July.  We may have to allow for random events, but not forever.

Another random thing--the puppies are apparently Wes Anderson fans.  They watched nearly all of 'Moonrise Kingdom' with rapt attention the other day.
Love Khaki Scouts!
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We have less control over everything than we think.  In my garden I am Master, I like to think, but it is not so.  My perfect tree, carefully chosen, mulled over, nurtured, has split:
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The roses I care for are completely at the mercy of the next drought:
aaa photo beloved6204_zpse9bbf131.jpg
 Insects invade, the sun beats, the wind blows.
aaa photo beesjubilee4544_zps018c900b.jpg  
Control is illusion 
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Though at the same time, the garden helps me forget that.  
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My own moonrise kingdom.  


  1. So many insects, especially little caterpillars in the roses this year, but allright we cannot get it perfect, let us smile and enjoy your adorable puppies watching television.

    1. No, our gardens will never be perfect, but they are still wonderful.

  2. I was watching my Euphorbia cotinifolia sway in the breeze yesterday, swaying from the base of the trunk, as in rocking in the breeze. And it's listing too, so I think it's going over soon, right on top of the anigozanthos no doubt. Control is illusion. Loved Ed Norton in khaki in that movie -- loved the whole movie. (P.S. I think your pups want to go camping.)

    1. I think they just liked Bruce Willis for some reason. If they want to go camping, they'll have to go by themselves.

  3. Our neurotic Bichon (who normally barks at animals on TV)and we also enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom. Ditto on khaki scouts!

    1. And Sunday school shoes, and lefty scissors!

  4. Well, clearly those puppies want to sit on your lap while watching tv. My cats seem to like baseball games, but in this house there is no other choice available. I will admit though , it is easier to fit a cat on your lap than a Sammy.

    1. They did when they were two months old. Not so much now, they dislike falling.


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