Flowers For A June Sunday

"Collarette" type Dahlia:
 photo dahl6046_zpsf1e4ff23.jpg
The Echeveria 'Imbricata' rosettes I re-rooted a few months ago are rooted, growing, and now blooming:
 photo dahl6050_zpsa0a4aed1.jpg
I finally got a Drakensberg Daisy.  This is promoted as a garden-happy version of the florist's Gerbera.  The flowers are smaller but the plant is supposed to be stronger.
 photo dahl6054_zpse8f72066.jpg  
Color sport of  rose 'Gardens Of The World'.  The original color is magenta rather than this orange.  The sport has been completely stable.
 photo dahl6063_zpsb04a3f3d.jpg 
'Blue Hill' Salvia backed by 'Endless Summer' Hydrangea:
 photo dahl6082_zps6bef50b0.jpg
Pink Lillies rise above the same Hydrangea:
 photo dahl6087_zpsdff758a5.jpg
'Shooting Stars' Hydrangea.  Soil sulphur would blue up those pink bits.  
 photo dahl6093_zpsc44e93a2.jpg  
Another Dahlia, new this year:  
 photo dahl6098_zpsdc72563f.jpg
Rose 'Comtesse de Provence' is not struggling so much this year.  Has it finally established?  I bought the rose for its unusual fruit-punch fragrance, not for its disease-riddled foliage and spindly canes.
 photo dahl6119_zps746a9383.jpg
The bird-planted Sunflower is fully open today:
 photo dahl6128_zpsb6275c0b.jpg
Hemerocallis 'Sabine Bauer' flaunts her outlandish beauty:
 photo dahl6137_zps1525aa28.jpg
Rose 'Peter Mayle' looks elegant in the late afternoon.
 photo dahl6141_zps322fca10.jpg 
Those are the flowers for a Sunday in June.     photo dahl6057_zps51482d7b.jpg


  1. All lovely, but that first dahlia is just to die for!

    1. It was a must have, and I had a 20% off coupon!

  2. Love that first (and last) Dahlia - what an unusual one! All of your flowers are looking great. Superb bright color you have there.

    1. Yes that's the only "collarette" type I've ever grown.

  3. Thank you, Hoover Boo, for calling her "Comtesse de Provence" not Liv Tyler. Alas, it doesn't help her ungainly characteristics in the garden. Mine sleeps with the shovels.
    I think you'll be pleased with the Drakensberg. Sun or part shade, it's a workhorse for me. Do know that after a couple of years, you may find that its productivity has declined. If so, it's time to dig and divide. I waited so long that I ended up with about a dozen plants out of the one I started with, and all the offspring are thriving.

    1. I hope I get as good results as you are getting with the Drakensburg. I would so love to have a dozen of them! CdP has flopped herself onto a nearby trellis, which has inadvertently done her some good. Sleeps with shovels! Ha! :)

  4. Lovely pictures, especially the first one of that special Collarette Dahlia. And then the rose Comtesse de Provence, such a beauty.

  5. The flowers all look beautiful to me, I love how you have grouped the colours to complement each other.
    xoxoxo ♡


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