Last New Plants Before Summer's Heat

Trachelium caeruleum
a00 photo eye6434_zps78b9bb18.jpg
I bought a couple Tracheliums last year at this time, which promptly died;  a bit of root or something survived, because a plant returned this year.  So even though I got it last year at this time, it's only now I've got a growing and about-to-bloom plant.  Better late than never.  The garden is umbrel-poor, so it's a nice addition
Just about to bloom...
a00 photo eye6432_zpsfb8fabb9.jpg
I've been waiting days and days and days for this new lily.a00 photo eye6427_zps3b858f45.jpg
There we go!
 photo a006452_zps15489aff.jpg
I've finally responded to the guilt I feel when a Monarch butterfly floats into the garden and finds nothing to eat. 
Asclepias curassavica 'Silky Gold'  
a00 photo eye6421_zpsaa95baac.jpg

A clearance 'Eyeconic Pomegranate Lemonade' hybrid rose.  It's a little beat up and bedraggled, but the clearance price made it quite a bargain. 
 photo a006453_zpsd4dea50f.jpg
The garden center had fresh stock of this plant that looked incredibly good at five and a half times the price.  I chose the bargain version.  
The fresh version was three times the size and absolutely covered with flowers.  The bargain is a bit ratty, but I expect it will quickly improve.
a00 photo eye6409_zpsb2fc46c5.jpg
Informative, beautifully photographed, well-written blog about the hybridization of the Eyeconic roses here (link).  Additional information here (link). The distinctive splotch at the base of each flower petal comes from Rosa persica, aka Hulthemia persica, a tough, rather nasty weed found in Iran and Kazakhstan:
Rosa (Hulthemia) persica photo 799px-<i>Rosa_persica3B_Baikonur_01_zps4d4ea654.jpg
(Wikipedia photo by Yuriy75, see here (link) )
The next twelve or so weeks mean watering enough to keep the plants alive, then making a mad dash for the shade to cool off.  Not so bad, really.  The puppies will prefer naps.  
 photo a006442_zps8c01751c.jpg>


  1. Replies
    1. Their cuteness dials go up to 11, unlike other puppies with a maximum cuteness of only 10.

  2. There is many, many clearance items in my garden. They require some TLC but most recover nicely. My dogs feel the same about the heat as your puppies- they nap most afternoons holding out for cooler evening weather to get more active.

  3. I like your So Cal near-coastal version of summer heat, but it did cool to 94F yesterday. " 'Eyeconic Pomegranate Lemonade' hybrid rose" - very nice color, and even better name. Those tough and nasty weeds can be appealing used well, or used to donate toughness to a hybrid, to be sure!

  4. I had great luck with Trachelium at my last house but my experience here, where summer temps average 10 degrees higher, have been mixed.

    I'm also in a dash to fill in some of the holes in my garden before the summer heat hits. I've promised myself I won't put any plants in during the summer months this year just to watch them die but I have a nasty feeling I may break my own rule yet again if I find one or more hard to locate plants while haunting nurseries. I guess I should make a rule to stay away from nurseries in the summer...

    1. Thanks for that Trachelium info--mine ended up in a near-full-shade spot, I'll see what happens.

      There's always the shaded patio to store them on until autumn. At least that's what I do. Which is bad.

  5. How clever to hybridize with a tough desert rose. Does that make it a tougher rose for dry climates as well as having the basal spot? I find the color and form of the Rosa persica very appealing, not so much the nasty thorns and spiny hips. Very interesting!

    1. I'll see how tough it proves to be. Genetically, there's not much R. persica left--it's been crossed quite a lot with moderns, leaving mostly only the petal-spot.

  6. The lily is very beautiful and I love the photo of the sleeping puppy, so gorgeous.
    xoxoxo ♡


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