Shake Up The Day!

Impossible to ignore:
 photo a0006575_zps98870e5a.jpg
Certain plants in the garden get no attention;  a few because like a conscientious son, they don't need it, others because they don't warrant it,  some because they malinger and are a sore point.

I avoid 'Fragrant Cloud' because the color (a muddy orange) is not my favorite.  It's got a great fragrance, but apparently that isn't enough.  I rarely bother to even look at it.  My bad.
 photo a0006534_zps5e6f749b.jpg
Rosa 'Vineyard Song' has been in the garden at least ten years, and it's never been more than a foot or two tall, and never produced more than a cluster or two of flowers per year.  Last year when it appeared to have some life, a rabbit came and ate it to the ground.  It's trying again this year, with its dear little flowers and pristine foliage.  Another heartbreak to come?
 photo a0006545_zps69187b67.jpg
'Gemini' can be a superb rose--this one has been a dud since being planted in 2008, and it's my fault, not 'Gemini's.  Not enough care, not enough water.  This spring the guilt finally prompted lavish doses of collected rainwater and a big scoop of worm compost.  'Gemini' responded with a huge burst of growth and bloom.  Now I feel even more guilty for having ignored it so long.
 photo a0006512_zps12520405.jpg
'Snow Goose' showed all the signs of becoming a malingerer last year when planted;  it grew about six inches then sat looking bedraggled and miserable for the rest of the year.  I expected the same this year, but no.  It's topped six feet, and bloomed.  It fooled me!
Above head-height...
 photo a0006502_zps1ffd898b.jpg 

 photo a0006500_zpsdfe638bd.jpg
A souvenir from our trip to Napa in 2010 was a pod of Italian red beans picked out of the compost pile at 'Crossroads'.  I tossed it in a corner and have gotten a beanstalk or two every year since.  It deserves more attention than I give it.  I tasted a tiny pod for the first time yesterday--delicious.  Why ignore?
 photo a0006488_zpsdc2403aa.jpg  
The immature pods are green with a burgundy racing stripe:
 photo a0006481_zps16ba582c.jpg  
My attention wanders the same smooth roads daily... 
 photo a0006471_zps4970f7b8.jpg
...while other glories go unseen.
 photo a0006469_zps018a6bd3.jpg 
Ignore at your own risk:
 photo a0006466_zps540b58b0.jpg
The garden ever-reminds me to keep seeing, and shake up the day!
 photo a0006511_zps7d25a3f0.jpg


  1. Your Cinderella flowers are beautiful. If the plants jumped on you and barked, I suspect they'd be harder to ignore.

  2. Gorgeous flowers dear Hoover, all of them, the fuchsia,the last rose image and the wonderful rose 'Gemini', it is spectacular and of course the puppies are irresistible.
    xoxoxo ♡


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