Spines, Prickles, Thorns, Stingers, Etc.

Fierce predator
 photo fly6737_zpsdabbc3b0.jpg
Herons are the big danger here.  
 photo fly6728_zpsfaaa91f9.jpg
The roof beams look a bit threatenig
 photo fly6725_zpsc88679a0.jpg   
Lizzie must take care.
 photo fly6676_zpscbf350f1.jpg
A cross between a chrysanthemum and and old man:
 photo fly6662_zpsc6cf886c.jpg
Don't fall in there.
 photo fly6661_zps19d8c0be.jpg
The spines look like zip ties with those horizontal grooves.
 photo fly6657_zpsa10d3222.jpg
Fierce but Fuzzy
 photo fly6647_zpsd0fa070a.jpg
Just fuzzy.
 photo fly6635_zpsc43c21e2.jpg
This plant could not decide whether to be normal or cristate, so it did both.
 photo fly6643_zps64ef55bc.jpg  
Aeonium nobile was only flowery
 photo fly6609_zpsac648054.jpg
If it's weird, its a Euphorbia
 photo fly6608_zps4bf4ec8e.jpg 
If it's not--then it's not.  
 photo fly6603_zpsfc887912.jpg

The Desert Garden, Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


  1. Love the dragonfly shot! The lizard one is fun too!

  2. Cool shots! That dragonfly is stunning. The plant world has produced some wonders, huh?

  3. Gorgeous shots! Thank you for the concise lesson in botany: "If it's weird it's a euphorbia, if it's not, it's not." Nothing starts the day quite so well as a good laugh at a plant joke!


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