Sunday, More Flowers

A gold silk tassel in a crumpled slip of white crepe.
Romneya coulteri
a0 photo mantijila6393_zps94a65074.jpg
Roses the yellow of French butter.
'Julia Child'
a0 photo sun6390_zps4e0cc3ba.jpg
Did you know the centers of sunflowers are sticky?  They are.
a0 photo sun6375_zps2893f3a9.jpg
a0 photo sun6356_zpsc1642aa2.jpg
'Lion's Fairy Tale'
a0 photo sun6351_zpse7026c01.jpg
Inevitably, 'Belinda's Dream'
a0 photo sun6343_zpsbeb013be.jpg
'Geranium Red'
a0 photo sun6339_zpsa593264e.jpg
'Geranium Red' again, eying Hemerocallis.
a0 photo sun6336_zpsbf4ac0ce.jpg
Cute beyond belief:
a0 photo supercute6330_zps1282ad29.jpg
Sooooper cute!
a0 photo supercute6331_zpsdcaf6b2f.jpg


  1. I was watching your beautiful flowering roses, but then I saw your cute couple of dogs and forgotten were the roses. They look so adorable, I think my English is not good enough to tell you how handsome these two are looking.

    1. They do that on purpose, to melt our hearts.

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful dear Hoover and so too the puppies, they are really super cute.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Aaw, your dogs are so cute! I have 'Wildeve' too, can’t wait for it to flower as it is my absolute favourite rose! Not long to wait, it has lots of buds. I have planted sunflowers for the first time this year, but I don’t think they will amount to anything, they are about 6” tall at the moment. I planted them seeds straight in the ground as it said on the seed pack to do, but the weather has been so cold so the growth has been very slow.


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